Introducing Audit logs for Teams

Audit logs are available for TCXC Premium members.

Audit logs listst important teams events. An admin can review audit logs to determine:

  • When users logged in.
  • Which users performed a specific action or any action via web

Audit logs currently include events for everything done via web access like team management, billing, and security.

Using Audit Logs

In your TCXC Seller/Buyer account portal click on Logs >> Web Access

In the Web Access logs page, you see information categorized as USERNAME, SOURCE IP, REQUEST_URI, REQUEST and DATE/TIME

For more information about audit logs and how to set it up for your TCXC team members, contact the support team.


Introducing Programmable X

Digital Transformation for wholesale communication service providers

Digitizing telecom wholesale requires the right tech tools and knowledge.

A combination of legacy voice (SIP, SS7) and messaging protocols (SMPP) combined with accurate real-time billing (AAA) and business/market know how to complete the solution and enable CSPs to fully automate the wholesale process.

Additionally it to be layered by intuitive APIs for developers to quickly learn and deploy using modern tools.

Programmable X, you can add it into existing workflows to fully automate the process and pioneer wholesale digital transformation.

Visit ProgrammableX API docs by TelecomsXChange (TCXC) to start your telecom #wholesale digital transformation

What is Programmable X ?

Programmable X refers to communications service providers (CSPs) utilizing application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate the core actions for telecom wholesale buying and selling, such as interconnection, carrier relations, market opportunity research, ticket escalation, communications, traffic routing control, ratings and reviews, financial settlements for Voice , SMS and Virtual Numbers.

For more information, contact

Release Notes: New APIs, DID Features & More..

TelecomsXChange (TCXC) platform enables modern communication providers to buy and sell voice, SMS and virtual numbers (DIDs) securely and transparently using intuitive UI or programmatically using API.

What’s new?

From today you’ll notice new API endpoints for buyers and sellers and new UI features in TCXC portal, find below brief summary of what’s new.

  • When trying to search for virtual numbers (DIDs) you’ll notice a new backorder link available if no numbers are found, this enables buyers to submit a back order for DIDs that are not immediately available in DID market view
  • You can now submit and view DID backorders.
  • Sellers can now find DID subscription logs under DID menu to understand ownership history and billing better
  • Buyers can now find DID subscription logs under DID menu to understand billing and cancellations easier.
  • Buyers and sellers have new filter options for buyers Payment History and Seller Payout history allowing users to run advanced search for payments. New filter options includes notes, amount, payment system used.
  • Seller / Route Edit UI – Replace Check box with Toggle Switch
  • New React App for public use. Find working numbers, anywhere (NOC Tool) Try it now (Built using TCXC API V.2)
  • New API! allows sellers to Sell & Update DID numbers programmatically.
  • New API! allows buyer/sellers to retrieve payment history via API.
  • New API! allows sellers to retrieve market’s top destinations with traffic.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug in DID market view where SQL error showed in some cases.

For more information on this release, contact or visit members portal if you’re an existing member.


Nobel Joins TelecomsXChange

Working with TelecomsXChange to enhance SMS termination delivery and cost to Europe!

Romania, Nov. 12, 2019 — Nobel Globe, a market-leading communication service provider (CSP) joins the TelecomsXChange platform to provide buyers on the platform instant access to zero hop direct SMS routes to Europe to deliver mission-critical messaging to end-users.

About Nobel Globe

Having entered the telecommunications market in 1998, Nobel has proven its ability to constantly grow and keep up with industry trends by successfully being a market leader in numerous areas of the telecom industry. 

Products like prepaid calling cards, postpaid long-distance, physical distribution, superior carrier services worldwide and turnkey call center solutions, are only a few of the areas in which Nobel is a trusted brand for many years. 

Applying the same recipe that took us to the peaks of the voice industry, today we can offer SMS worldwide connectivity, being able to reach over 800 operators in 180 countries across the world. 

Nobel’s messaging services can be integrated via multiple API services that are integrated with the customers’ existing infrastructure successfully delivering digital interaction over SMS as the communications channel. 

As a result, enterprises gain increased mobility, efficiency and value that they can pass on to their customers. With our in-house technical expertise, installed at various operator facilities, our SMS solutions deliver better accountability, load-balancing, and ROI beyond any other. 

Nobel Globe on TelecomsXChange

Nobel SMS provides international A to Z SMS termination at the most competitive rates, web-based SMS applications, bulk SMS for SMS campaigns and advanced SMS enterprise solutions via API with real-time monitoring. 

We are excited to list our SMS direct routes on TelecomsXChange’s open and commission-free exchange platform, as it gives end-customers full visibility and control on their critical choice of SMS, voice and DIDs network providers. TelecomsXChange is a fast-growing cloud exchange platform and one unified platform that can be utilized using a graphical user interface (GUI) or programmatically using application programming interface  “API”.

With this partnership, CSPs or CPaaS providers on TelecomsXChange can utilize Nobel direct routes in seconds (Romania, India, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, China, Vietnam, Poland, Germany, etc.) and premium routes to deliver high importance, mission-critical messages to end users globally.


Additional Resources:

  • About Nobel SMS:
  • About TelecomsXChange Platform: visit 
  • API Tutorial: How to access SMS prices in real-time, interconnect with Nobel programmatically using APIs visit the  Programmable X documentation page.
  • Discuss pricing directly with Nobel’s account manager. Click here

Direct Termination to India (CLI – OpenRTP)

India CLI – OpenRTP VoIP Termination

TelecomsXChange (TCXC) has been actively working on providing less hops (better quality) and more direct routes to India Mobile and Fixed telecom networks.

Bharti Airtel today, October 23rd, 2019, offered special wholesale rates to India (Open RTP) on TelecomsXChange (TCXC) to further support the TCXC members community. Sign in to members area to utilize the special rates India and Bangladesh via TCXC with one click interconnect or programmatically via API.

Communication service providers (CSPs) that seek high quality termination to INDIA over VoIP/SIP protocol can now get interconnected and start utilizing the service in Minutes!

Airtel Communications will be transiting your calls to India all operators (Price at flat rate $0.0093 (USD) 1/1 “Effective on May,1 , 2020”) – if you’re reading this later than this date the price may have decreased or increased. please login to market view for real-time pricing info.

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