Google Voice SIP link Enablement with no SBC required

TCXC Plans Google Voice SIP Link enablement for businesses without an SBC requirement

Google for business is growing, the google voice app enables businesses using this service to buy or port and assign phone numbers to the organisation users send and receive calls right in the web browser.

Recently google added the ability to add SIP trunks (AKA SIP links) for Premier and Enterprise plans.

This announcement was made at Google Cloud Next ‘22. Check out Next OnAir to tune into the livestream or watch session recordings following the event.

The only way currently for a businesses using Google workspaces to connect to their local telecom provider is by having their own certified Session Border Controller (SBC) in place for this to work.

We think most small and medium sized businesses don’t and won’t purchase & manage SBCs to use this feature. At TelecomsXChange we believe we can eliminate the need for millions of small and medium sized businesses to own or manage an SBC to connect your google voice account to telecom providers.

Connecting google workspace to telecom providers without an SBC?

Google Voice SIP link makes it possible for you to connect your google workspace to the PSTN network (aka your telecom voice provider), however small and medium sized businesses don’t have the resources to justify owning a certified SBC to enable this, so they are left without enablement until their local telecom provider is able to provide the services to them directly. Businesses waiting on their local telecom provider to integrate google voice sip link with their core network may take unknown amount of time and may never happen in some cases.

There is another challenge for businesses that operate in multiple countries, the same process needs to be repeated for every region they are operating in to obtain local two way numbers and connectivity.

The R&D investments and planning required to make this happen has officially been approved.

Google Voice SIP link – Choose Your Own Carrier (CYOC)

The TCXC Cloud exchange platform has pre-interconnected with hundreds of carriers around the world giving businesses the option to choose their own carrier (CYOC) unlike bringing your own carrier (BYOC) you are able to immediately utilise the SIP trunk and/or SMS link through the carrier without having to wait for the traditional on boarding process.

Under the TCXC portal your able to manage your routing and interconnects, buy and release phone numbers and more, in a nutshell the platform acts your SBC without owning one !

TCXC platform is working on getting certified with Google SIP link which involves customisations and extra development of the TCXC SIP Stack to make this possible for everyone to use Google voice sip link feature without the need to have their own SBC. Once the work is completed this will automatically enables any member on TCXC to immediately connect their Google Voice workspace account with any carrier of their choice to make outbound or inbound calls securely.

If your interested in using Google voice sip link and you don’t own an SBC , please contact us at the below details to be the first to know when this is out:-

1800 n bay shore drive
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Miami, Florida 33132

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