Building a VoIP networks with kamalio/OpenSIPS is pretty cool, the boring stuff comes later when your working towards connecting it with carriers to terminate Voice calls to the PSTN. You got to reach out to the carriers, explain to them your use case answer traffic projections question , contracts , payment terms … (YUCK!). Then repeat with every carrier.

TelecomsXChange platform have made it a breeze to connect your Kamalio to hundreds of carriers in minutes, get aggressive wholesale rates with no commitments and deal with one price list format for all carriers. We pass on the seller Rates with no commission or markup.

In just minutes you can connect your kamalio VOIP server(s) to Verizon, IDT, TATA and hundreds more. Top up your account and start sending calls.

To get started it’s very simple, you just need to get a buyer account and start using it immediately afterwards.

Signup here

Once you have received your buyer login and password go ahead and login then click on Accounts menu option to add your SIP IP addresses this will authorize your kamalio or OpenSIPS to send Calls to TelecomsXChange.