Working together to enhance SMS network performance!

About Mitto

Mitto has a singular mission – to provide our customers with the most reliable, robust SMS Messaging platform in the industry. That’s why technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our in-house team of developers make up more than a third of our staff and between them have designed a platform with proprietary connected dynamic routing that guarantees our customers’ SMS messages get to the right person, at the right time, in the right place – in the most cost effective way possible.

Mitto on TelecomsXChange

TelecomXChange is a unique platform and online market for Voice and SMS routes where CPaaS providers can choose vendors by quality and price and communicate directly between them.

We see exponential demand from enterprise developers, contact centers and SaaS companies for high quality omni-channel communication APIs. There are several popular CPaaS solutions that do not provide network level information to the end customers, which frustrates customers.

We are excited to work with TelecomsXChange Platform and Telestax, which give end customers full visibility and control on their critical choice of SMS and voice network providers. As far as we can see, Restcomm is the only solution out there that offers the best of both worlds – a full stack CPaaS with rich developer APIs and full transparency of network provider connectivity and QoS.

With this partnership, buyers on TelecomXChange are utilizing Mitto Direct and Exclusive routes to deliver high importance, mission critical messages to end users globally. Mitto “high-end” technology routing platform performs continuous quality assessment thanks to proprietary technology deployed globally.

Mitto’s monitoring system installed in more than 100 countries, differs several account profiles that can be tailored to customer’s specific needs, depending on what type of message they’re sending.

We strongly believe that this partnership will ensure top message delivery, resulting in service quality, traffic stability and delivery speed, something that’s highly requested by all our OTT clients and enterprise partners.

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