IoT from Idea to Sales (Sprint IoT Factory + Restcomm + TelecomsXChange)

Build IoT devices that communicate on every channel and sell them easily.

One of the most interesting subjects we came across during International Telecoms Week (ITW) in Chicago, IL on May 2018 was the Sprint’s IoT Factory.

Special thanks to Mr. Parvin Mahajan CCO (Internet of Things) at Sprint for taking the time to educate us on the platform that they have built to make it easy for entrepreneurs to sell their creations to business customers via Sprint.

Sprint’s IoT Factory platform allows you to get everything you need to easily design, prototype, build and commercialize your IoT devices, from choosing compatible hardware  to selling to customers all in one platform.

Sprint IoT Factory choosing Hardware.






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How to initiate Voice Calls via Airtel using RESTFul APIs

Initiate phone calls to AirTel Right from your app.

We’re excited to show you in this tutorial how to send voice traffic (initiate calls) via  AirTel using RESTFul API,  After this tutorial you’ll be able to initiate outbound calls via Airtel right from web or mobile application by simply making a simple API Call.

As usual TelecomsXChange does not markup or commission on the seller rates, our model continues to be a subscription based model and you get exactly the rates offered by carrier AirTel.

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SMS Exchange

What is SMS Exchange?

SMS Exchange refers to a two or more carriers exchange sms traffic over the public network, when people send sms messages around the world the telecom service providers send these SMS messages from one destination to another, the process of sending and receiving these sms messages is is referred to SMS Exchange.

SMS Exchange Platform, Why Build One ?

In this blog we will not be discussing the reasons for SMS growth, instead we will be focusing on why do we need to build an SMS Exchange platform.

The Problem

If you have ever tried to get SMS interconnections with operators before you’ll immediately connect emotionally to this blog post, if not i will try to explain to you some of the problems you will face if you’re trying to connect to SMS carriers.

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The Perfect CEO Morning built with CPaaS

The Perfect CEO Morning built in less than 7 Minutes using RestcommCloud and TelecomsXChange

CPaaS is one of the greatest tools out there for developers to build amazing experiences for different industries, we try to do things differently and show you some real world CPaaS examples using tutorials and dummy apps to demonstrate the potential of what you can build.

Scenario A: 

The CEO dials +1520-200-0819 and prompted to enter the “CEO PIN Code 1234#” .

The IVR starts to play yesterday’s revenues and prompted to enter 2 to hear the P&L (Profit and Loss), Once entered the correct digit, the IVR plays the P&L and asks CEO to enter 3 to Dial out the CFO, call automatically recorded and saved in db.

Try it out: Dial +15202000819 and enter 1234 PIN Code.

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