CLI Verification

How to Build VoIP Route Testing Tool ?


Daily route testing and CLI verification is a must have task today for every Carrier and VoIP Service provider, there are some great tools that exist today, they do the job well but we think not everyone can afford the high rates and licensing fees that these providers are requesting you to pay for the service.

We believe these high costs can cause operators to avoid testing routes more often as they should and this will lead to a degraded performance in VoIP networks due to this.

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How to create VoIP Route Testing Tool ?

Simple API to test quality, cli and other issues on Voice Carriers.

The TelecomsXChange Voice API is the easiest way to:

  • Initiate test calls on any carrier on TelecomsXChange via a simple HTTP API call
  • CLI verification right on your phone number
  • Set Custom caller IDs
  • Get charged per minute not per test

If you do not have a TCXC buyer account please click here .

Follow this sample code tutorial and fill in your details in order to start testing the script and initiate test calls to any carrier on the platform.

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