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Building a SIP Registrar with Jambonz


Since inception of the TelecomsXChange (TCXC) platform, it was designed for wholesale communication service providers that did not require SIP registration to send traffic, so we never had the need to add SIP Registrar to the SIP Stack. Recently, two of our enterprise customers had change in their infrastructure and no longer will be able to send traffic from without SIP registration, so they asked us to enable SIP registration for them on TCXC platform.

To deal with this request we had two choices here:

1- Add a SIP registrar module to the TCXC Platform.

2- Say no to the customer and let them go.

We really did not want to deal with adding SIP registration module to the platform for several security and performance reasons, but at the same time we did not want to say no to our customers. But still needed a way to serve them without the overhead of adding SIP Registrar to the platform.

To solve this, we thought what if we can move SIP registration to the edge using CPaaS and simply route the customer calls to TCXC for completion using a SIP trunk between CPaaS and TCXC.

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The Future Of OTT/VoIP Apps

Sneak Peek into the Future of VoIP Apps

Author: Ameed Jamous

The Past

VoIP Clients have been around since the dial-up internet days, it was called PC2Phone where people connected their microphones to the PC in order to call someone aboard at a cheaper rate when telecom operators were charging $4.00/minute to make a call to China, since that time many companies have came into the industry with new concepts at that time like Vonage, Magic Jack (Device2Phone) models, unfortunately as VoIP technology and internet developed very quick some of these companies business models vanished due to technology changes and new convenient ways coming out.

Fast forward to the introduction of Apple’s App Store by Steve Jobs in 2008 developers immediately jumped onboard and started developing Peer2Peer OTT apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat … which exploded around the world by offering 100% FREE ┬ámessaging, voice, video communication services.

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