Happy New Year !

We have decided to make the TelecomsXChange roadmap for 2019 public information.

First we would like to start with how things went in 2018 and then move forward to our future plans and goals for the new year 2019.

2018 was another challenging year in the voice industry, However the Telecomsxchange unique business model has proved to survive.

TelecomsXChange members list has grown to 900 plus buyers and sellers. The current business model not to markup or commission on the traffic (minutes) exchanged between buyers and sellers continues to be the preference for the majority.

In the first half of 2018 we have focused on under the hood improvements and more automation to give the team more time and resources to focus on making new major leaps that we believe will keep the TelecomsXChange platform relevant in the next decades.

The second half of 2018 was focused on building strategic partnerships in the CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) area, as much as being a CPaaS provided sounds fun and profitable. We have identified a bigger goal that is more challenging for us than being another CPaaS provider and that plays the biggest role in our roadmap for 2019.


The CPaaS market is exploding all over the world, the demand for real-time communications is increasing at impressive rates in every industry, almost every app and service out there has added it is adding real-time communications (SMS, Voice, Video) as we speak.

The Problem

While CPaaS provides convenience to developers and enterprise to utilize the SMS, Voice, Video , Chat, Phone Numbers in a unified interface (API, SDKs or Web) the reality is that existing CPaaS providers still use the same traditional ways to interconnect with Tier1 carriers, process rate sheets and deal with QoS issues.

In most cases the SMS carrier relations and tech teams are different and separate from the voice carrier relations and tech teams, newly CPaaS enabled service providers are unable to easily offer full CPaaS services from a commercial point of view due to the challenges they face to adapt and understand new standards, protocols and interfaces.

For example a voice service provider is challenged when adding SMS as the price list is different and the protocol (SMPP) is different, the same goes for service providers coming from SMS only to Voice.

This is exactly the problem we want to solve with the TelecomsXChange platform.

The Solution

TelecomsXChange is taking the challenge to provide a unified wholesale exchange platform that offers simple one click interconnection, Standard Rate sheet format, Public and transparent rates and statistics, Programmable API , direct support and communication channel between buyer and sellers for SMS, DID Numbers, Voice.

This solves a long due problem which is a missing bridge between the SMS and Voice Industries, making it easier than every for voice providers to cover sms and DIDs and vice versa and to make it more simple for such providers to go fully CPaaS enabled without the concern of how to deal with these new protocols and interfaces.

The Roadmap for 2019

Phase 1

  • Complete SMPP Proxy/B2BUA development
  • Complete SMPP billing integration
  • Define the standard SMS Rate Sheet format
  • Complete the UI
  • Intensive QA testing
  • Launch The SMS Exchange

Phase 2

  • Develop the inbound logic for the SIP Stack for seller accounts
  • Develop the billing algorithm for DID numbers
  • Complete the UI
  • Intensive QA testing
  • Launch The DID Exchange

Phase 3

It’s been a long time due to rewrite our API to meet the OpenAPI specifications to following services:

  • Develop new API according to the specs
  • Launch new developers interactive portal to easily learn and consume the services in a programmable manner.

If you have any questions on the roadmap feel free to email info@telecomsxchange.com

Thank you