The Best CPaaS Provider in 2018

In this article we’ll be focusing on who is the best CPaaS Provider out there, and Why ? Choosing the Best CPaaS provider for the future is an important decision and that’s why we decided to put together this blog post.

For newbies CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. A CPaaS is a  platform that enables web or mobile developers to add real-time communications features (voice, video, and messaging, phone numbers) in their own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces.

A CPaaS offers a complete development framework for building real-time communications features without having to build your own. This typically includes software tools, standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs), sample code, and pre-built applications. CPaaS providers also provide support and product documentation to help developers throughout the development process. Some companies also offer software development kits (SDKs) and libraries for building applications on different desktop and mobile platforms.

When looking  for the best CPaaS Provider, the three main important things you need to look for in a CPaaS enablement platform are the ability to:

  • A complete toolkit for making great applications and services
  • Well tester and documented APIs and Code samples
  • Provide developers the ability to design your apps with drag and drop interface quickly and easily
  • Complete Flexibility over Carriers, BYOC (Bring your own carrier) Frees you from being locked down to a single routing stream or carrier connectivity and out takes weeks before you get the issue fixed when you’re not in control.

Best CPaaS Provider in UAE ?

In UAE the best CPaaS provider we have on the list is Dreambox , a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company founded on Contact Center based in Dubai, UAE.

Dreambox provides self-service capabilities that enable app developers to easily access Dreambox APIs, and add communications and security into their web and mobile applications in minutes.

Dreambox also takes the CPaaS story further, by providing use-case development as a service for its customers who are not ready to dedicate engineering resources to integrate CPaaS, which helps enterprise customers to quickly adopt CPaaS experience into their business flows without the hiring and training over head.

Visit Dreambox home page for more details.

Who is the Best CPaaS Enabler?

In a nut shell, Restcomm Cloud

Enabling service providers to quickly offer their own branded communication APIs and programmable comms (CPaaS)

Representing over 5,000,000 lines of code and took estimates 1,554 years of effort.

We think RestComm is the best option because it is the only open source full stack communications platform as a service. written in Java programming language and one of the mostly used CPaaS SDKs out there.

The reason why we think its also the best CPaaS Provider out there is because it allows you to bring your own carrier (BYOC) which gives you the flexibility to use one api and a full freedom of where to route your calls and messages, when using black box CPaaS providers you have no ability to choose your terminating or originating carrier which leaves you in a very bad situation in the market if your CPaaS provider does not work with the carrier to fix the issue immediately.

For more details visit RestComm documentation