Interconnect with Airtel

We’re excited to show you in this tutorial how to interconnect with Airtel in minutes. Another 0 hop direct carrier interconnection with Airtel made available to all TelecomsXChange members. You can utilize Airtel’s A-Z routes immediately from Market View.  Airtel is India’s leading provider of ICT services with a network spanning USA, Europe, Africa, Middle… Continue reading Interconnect with Airtel

Direct Termination to India (CLI – OpenRTP)

India CLI – OpenRTP VoIP Termination TelecomsXChange (TCXC) has been actively working on providing less hops (better quality) and more direct routes to India Mobile and Fixed telecom networks. Bharti Airtel today, October 23rd, 2019, offered special wholesale rates to India (Open RTP) on TelecomsXChange (TCXC) to further support the TCXC members community. Sign in to members… Continue reading Direct Termination to India (CLI – OpenRTP)


Niger CLI Termination (OpenRTP) Now Available

TelecomsXChange is now offering a direct cli termination into Niger with open RTP matching Niger’s mobile network operator (MNO). This route is highly recommended and certified for CPaaS providers and CSPs providing quality sensitive calling services for their subscribers into Niger. If you’re seeking high quality direct route into the Niger, please proceed to enroll… Continue reading Niger CLI Termination (OpenRTP) Now Available


Airtel is now live on TelecomsXChange !

Airtel Direct (OpenRTP) now available for all members immediatley We’re excited to announce another 0 hop direct carrier interconnection with Bharti AirTel. You can utilize AirTel A-z routes immediately from Market View. AirTel is an operators in below countries: