Cloud BYOC for Twilio, Zoom Phone, and other cloud communications providers

About Twilio BYOC

Using the Twilio bring your own carrier (BYOC) feature is great and gives you a higher level of freedom in controlling your call quality on the carrier side of things. Using this feature you no longer need to be blind to what happens after you initiate a phone call via programmable voice, or Zoom Phone UI.

On the other hand, we have noticed that when scaling up your BYOC trunks things get very messy and lack advanced routing control like least cost routing (LCR), Weighted distribution, etc… Especially for developers who do not have a Session Border Controller (SBC), or short message service center (SMSC) sitting between the Cloud Communication provider and the end carrier(s).

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Zoom Phone BYOC feature is a BIG deal!


In July 2018, Matt Torman wrote a great blog on how Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) Brings Flexibility to Cloud Phone Solutions, in this post I will extend the key benifits that Matt mentioned in his blog and go over more details on why this is a huge deal and a great business decision made by Zoom’s team.

If you’re a regular reader on our blog, you’d probably know by now that we’re always advocating carrier connectivity freedom. In fact we have built our whole business to serve this carrier freedom mission. We believe in a commission-free full transparent prepaid carrier exchange platform for Voice, SMS and Phone Numbers.

Why is Zoom Phone a BIG deal ?

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