Austin, TX – October 8, 2019/PR Newswire/ — Today, Telestax, the leader in CPaaS enablement for communications service providers worldwide, announced the release of Smart 2FA for the Restcomm CPaaS platform. Restcomm Smart 2FA delivers two-factor authentication with one-time password (OTP) for SMS, voice, and email and is immediately available to Restcomm Cloud users and partners within the Telestax service provider ecosystem. Its bring-your-own-carrier option is particularly unique among CPaaS solutions and includes flexible APIs and robust analytics features.

According to a recent report by Google, NYU, and the University of California San Diego, receiving a secondary SMS code blocked 100 percent of automated attacks, 96 percent of bulk phishing attacks, and most direct, targeted attacks. 2FA is critical for businesses to implement to protect their users and organizations against online attacks. The new application released by Telestax makes implementing 2FA easier and simpler for organizations worldwide. 

“Before Smart 2FA, a business would have to spend considerable time building or customizing a 2FA application to work for their environment,” said Kevin Nethercott, Chief Commercial Officer at Telestax. “Now with our new Smart 2FA application, a business can easily plug in a complete OTP authentication solution. This reduces development time by at least 75 percent in most enterprise deployment cases.” 

The Restcomm Smart 2FA application allows communications service providers (CSPs) to deliver a scalable 2FA solution over SMS, voice, and email channels to their enterprise and small-to-medium-size business customers and developers. The solution is ready to implement and immediately provides key features such as:

  • Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) – With Smart 2FA, the CSP can deliver 2FA at reduced cost and better delivery rates thanks to the BYOC feature. By controlling routing from the existing core, the CSP can quickly address delivery or routing issues. 
  • Intuitive Console – Businesses can stay on top of their 2FA traffic with a smart console. The console displays usage reports by day, month, or year with easy search filter criteria like country code, channel, delivery status and more. 
  • Simple APIs – Smart 2FA is an omnichannel application, making it simple to send an OTP via SMS, voice, or email.
  • Control APIs – Businesses need options to orchestrate 2FA processes for security authentication in the manner that works best for them. Smart 2FA provides the option to cancel OTPs while they are still active, and to send new ones. Or perhaps the business chooses to keep OTPs active for a period of time while simultaneously sending a new one. With Smart 2FA all these configurations are possible. 
  • Rich API Set – Businesses can select any language for voice calls including text-to-speech (TTS) with support for engines like VoiceRSS, Acapella, Amazon Poly, and Google Text-to-Speech. 

For telecommunications companies interested in competing in the API marketplace, the BYOC feature from Telestax provides key differentiators.

“BYOC ensures a service provider can deliver higher quality and better pricing to their business customers,” said Nethercott. “For example, if a business was choosing an over-the-top provider, they are dependent on the carrier that the over-the-top provider uses for connectivity. The risk here is that this may not be the best quality network. In addition, the over-the-top provider will pass the network connectivity charge on to the business. With Smart 2FA, the service provider chooses the network that works best for their business. This not only saves the customer money but ensures a superior connectivity experience.” 

As with the entire Restcomm platform, Smart 2FA includes a whitelabeling option, allowing a CSP to rebrand and go to market in hours while keeping the traffic within their network. The Smart 2FA application is available immediately. More information about Restcomm Smart 2FA can be found at

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