How to get more VoIP Traffic ?

VoIP Traffic

To get more voice traffic on your termination route there are different combination of demand , quality and price that you need to meet, Telecom carriers route their traffic based on Cost and quality metrics such as:-

  • ASR (Answer Success Ratio)
  • ACD (Average Call Duration)
  • PDD (Post Dial Delay)

You can quickly compare your rates with current market rates using this free tool and for quality (ASR/ACD/PDD) comparison you can check that information on the Market View tool here.

For None CLI (Simbox) route an additional requirements is needed in recent years (2017, 2018) which is the carrier needs to know how long your route has been up for, if you can prove that route has been up and taking traffic for more than 3 months this gives you a great push forward and you’re more likely to get traffic even if your route is offered at a higher price, you can prove this by providing sample CDRs (Call Detailed Records) to TelecomsXChange that shows that you’ve been terminating calls on the route for a long period.


Demand on routes is very important, some destinations are over supplied with routes so you need to take that into consideration, if a country is a small island with few hundred thousands people that live in it and not much demand is out there, even if you meet all requirements you might not be able to receive any traffic, you can use Google to research on the country foreign population and get some details on the telecom market such as volumes etc..

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