Get up and running with jambonz CPaaS and TCXC at TADHack 2021

Dave Horton, the creator of Jambonz open-source CPaaS with bring your own everything demonstrates to the TADHack 21 participants this video how to get up and running with Jambonz and TelecomsXChange.

“We are excited to be partnering at TADHack 2021 with [TelecomsXchange] (TCXC) who is putting the full power of their global carrier exchange at the command of TADHack participants using jambonz. That means that an individual developer can go through a quick, free signup and then choose from hundreds of carriers and exchange voice and SMS traffic directly with the top global and regional carriers — something that heretofore was available only to large commercial corporations.” Said Dave Horton, Founder of

Dave later tweeted “Here’s an overused phrase in my industry:”We’re democratizing telecommunications. However, not sure how else to describe @TelecomsXChange providing FREE access to their global network of carriers for devs and students participating in @TADHack. Thank you!”

To sign up free for both jambonz and TCXC, simply go to [jambonz] and follow the links on the home page.

You can also learn more about creating applications on jambonz by going here:

Building apps using Node.js (video)
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