STIR/SHAKEN SIP headers support and more..

A few important updates will land to TCXC production environment today.


TelecomsXChange (TCXC) is now officially registered in the Federal Communications Commission Robocall Mitigation Database holding number RMD0004338. We have already added the support for the STIR/SHAKEN required SIP headers last week. We have also exposed some UI/API tools for sellers to help them take action in real-time to stop/mitigate any suspicious traffic.

The new SIP Identity headers required by STIR/SHAKEN are now added to TCXC SIP stack. All members are welcome to start testing.

New CLID (Caller ID) policy for sellers

We have released a new policy for sellers which enable them to have full control over the CLID policy to be used for each SIP connection (route). For instance a seller can now define a default Deny all caller ids except defined entries in the table, this can come in handy for virtual number providers who wish to offer a local sip trunk but at same time allow it only to be used from DIDs that are sold via the platform.

New CLID policy for sellers

Go Lang SMPP LB & Bind Proxy

We are at final stages of QA testing of the new SMPP load balancer and Bind proxy written in Go Lang, the test results were satisfying and in some areas very impressive. We will be posting a dedicated update regarding this topic.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these updates , please write to .

Telin partners with TCXC to Build Next Generation Digital Connectivity Exchange

JAKARTA, 6 July 2021 — Telin, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia, Tbk Telkom (IDX: TLKM) together with TelecomsXChange (TCXC) are pleased to announce the development of NeuTrafiX Marketplace, an innovative community-based marketplace to revolutionize the present state of the connectivity business in response to the every-changing demands of the telecom industry.

NeuTrafiX is a public digital connectivity exchange for voice, SMS, Phone Numbers that caters Enterprises, OTTs, Operators, CSPs, CPaaS players, Carriers and aggregators for all commodity- based SMS, Voice and Virtual Number products and services. This is the only public exchange in the world that transparently connects Buyers and Sellers using a simple Pay As You Go (PAYG) model.

With NeutrafiX, users have access to a prepaid solution that enables them to establish direct deals, improve their margins, increase their customer satisfaction, speed up go-to-market with API access, elimination of human error and fraud protection—all on one platform.

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Hello Technology joins TCXC SMS Exchange

Working together to enhance carrier A2P connectivity into Singapore to global CSPs & OTTs.


Hello Technology (HelloTech) joins TelecomsXChange (TCXC) SMS Exchange and marketplace as an official member to offer direct access to all Singapore MNOs to meet the growing demand for A2P direct SMS connectivity. Hello Technology Routes will be accessible to members via TCXC’s graphical user interface (UI) or programmatically using Application Programming Interface (API) for those who wish to implement complete automation for pre and post interconnection tasks.

About Hello Technology Ltd

Hello Technology Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1997 and is the only local tier-1 aggregator connected to all Singapore mobile operators from multiple data centres in Singapore.

Besides geographical redundancy, we are also resiliently connected via SS7 as well as each operator’s proprietary A2P protocol to ensure your messages get through. HelloTech has been the messaging vendor of choice for financial institutions and large enterprises in Singapore for more than 15 years. We are regularly audited by 3rd parties, and have attained OSPAR (Outsourced Service Provider Audit Report), which attests our compliance to the security requirements of the ABS (Association of Banks in Singapore) since 2016.

Learn  more about Hello-Tech on their website.

“With high-quality messaging, short and long codes, voice and multiple options, HelloTech makes a difference among standard SMS providers within TCXC market”

Initially, HelloTech will offer SMS MT services for Singapore MSISDNs. We understand the complexity and effort required to map native number ranges to MCCMNC because there are 1,543 at this time! Even having done that, customers have to concern themselves with the very high proportion of ported-out subscribers in this mature market. We take care of all of that for you as each of our routes covers all 4 MNOs and all 12 MVNOs. In “Market View”, search using “Seller is like HELLOTECH” and our 4 routes will appear as 8 entries because Singapore mobiles either have prefix 658 or 659. Make sure to add at least one of each for full Singapore coverage. These are immediately available for members to interconnect and utilize with a click:

  • ALL SG telcos 1A: full coverage to Singapore MSISDNs from our datacentre #1
  • ALL SG telcos 1B: full coverage to Singapore MSISDNs from datacentre #1 server #2
  • ALL SG telcos 2A: full coverage to Singapore MSISDNs from our datacentre #2
  • ALL SG telcos 2B: full coverage to Singapore MSISDNs from datacentre #2 server #2

All HelloTech rates and stats are immediately available to all members via portal and API, we’ll cover how to programmatically access HelloTech through the API in this blog post. For customers who are fulfilling high SLA requirements, we strongly recommend you use TCXC’s excellent Routing Group feature to add 4 to 8 of our Route/Prefix combinations, at least 2 with Prefix 658 and another 2 with Prefix 659. While data centre connectivity issues are rare, layering your connectivity to our geographically isolated servers will ensure that you ride the rare glitches without even feeling it.

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Softswitch on AWS now available

Moving your Softswitch to the Cloud is easier and more important than ever

For many years, communications service providers (CSPs) have been installing, hosting, and operating VoIP Softswitches on bare metal servers. Even when Amazon AWS cloud got popular, yet many communication service providers could not benefit from what the cloud has to offer due to the nature of Voice Over IP (VoIP) traffic. Here is an example of the 7 best benefits that AWS Cloud provides its users that telcos not hosted on AWS are missing today.

From my experience, one of the obvious issues for soft switches and RTP software playing not so well with AWS Cloud out of the box is the Elastic IP Architecture. An Elastic IP address is a reserved public IP address that you can assign to any EC2 instance in a particular region until you choose to release it.

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Telecommunications RFP Process Digital Transformation

Communications RFP process digital transformation


Realtime communications like voice, SMS, Phone Numbers is now a part of modern applications across all industries, from small startups to unicorns use communications APIs in their workflows.

App developers are focused on developing and serving their main business customers, as they grew they have realized that that communication services like 2FA / SMS, Voice, Virtual numbers are a critical component of their business today and there is a lot of recurring cost involved with having these communication components as part of their application user experience.

The Problem

As traffic grows companies start issuing RFPs every monthly, quarterly or annually with total amount of minutes, messages, numbers per destination/network they consume and share it with communication service providers bid on it. This RFP process is manual and unpleasant for the most part for communication providers who is bidding, it also takes a long time for the app developer to switch traffic to a lower cost provider since the RFP process is still in process or incomplete.

For those who come from the telecom industry know that prices and quality are dynamic and they several times a week, being stuck with a single provider for a long time is no good for the company.

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