E.212 to E.164 Mapping (Voice – SMS Unification)

SMS Termination Rates (E.212 -> E.164)

There are three types of GT in use in mobile networks known as E.164 (MSISDN), E.212(IMSI) and E.214(MGT):

Billing systems understand to charge according to E.164 format (CC+AC) but all SMS termination providers send you their updated lists in E.212 format (MCCMNC).

So to solve this problem you would assume that there is a list ready that you can use to map the E.164 and E.212 together. I thought so too but unfortunately there isn’t an accurate single list available on the net that would provide you that.

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SIP DNS SRV RECORDS – Now Supported!


What are SIP DNS SRV records?

The SRV RR allows administrators to use several servers for a single domain, to move services from host to host with little fuss, and to designate some hosts as primary servers for a service and others as backups

This great blog post by Andres Brownworth walks you thru the details of using SIP DNS SRV records and why its used.

How to configure SIP DNS SRV records in TelecomsXChange

TelecomsXChange is now fully compatible to route calls to other highly available cloud communications platforms over DNS SRV Records, setting it up is very simple. here is an example of how to setup outbound calls to a SIP DNS SRV record on Restcomm Cloud platform.

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CPaaS SMS Delivery Issues. Whats the Solution?

How to solve Programmable SMS API Delivery issues

SMS delivery and connectivity issues is on the rise from many CPaaS Providers. I have experienced it first hand, I even tested  popular CPaaS providers like Twilio, Nexmo again 5 minutes prior to writing this blog post. After many years of  trying different CPaaS providers we realized that none of these popular CPaaS  providers is a perfect solution to be the only connectivity option. The reason for this issue is not caused by Twilio’s platform it self, the reason can be an aggregator that Twilio uses causing such issues. Until Twilio interconnects with every single MNO in the world this issue is here to stay.

As a developer or organization relaying on CPaaS Platform like Twilio, Nexmo or Plivo, switching from one CPaaS Provider to another as not a good solution.


Each CPaaS provider have their strength and weaknesses specially on the carrier connectivity side of things and also pricing. For example while Twilio is strong in North America, Nexmo is stronger in EU and Unifonic is strong in KSA and so on, so what now, who wants to integrate with many different APIs, SDKs in one application “YUCK!”.

The Solution

To solve this problem developers need a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a service ) API  that allows them to Bring their own carrier connectivity for the routes where they have most traffic on and where Twilio fails to deliver great quality and connectivity.

Unfortunately Twilio and other CPaaS providers do not provide this sort of functionality at this moment, until they do here is some solutions. Continue reading…

How to send an SMS in Node.js via SMS Exchange (SMPP)


In this tutorial we will send an SMS in Node.js via SMS Exchange using SMPP Protocol.

SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) is a protocol used by the telecommunications industry. It exchanges SMS messages between (SMSC) and ESME. SMSC acts as middleman to store the message and route it. ESME is the system that delivers SMS to SMSC.

This tutorial will help you to send SMS messages using TelecomsXChange SMPP Gateway.

Step 1: Create SMPP Session

In beginning, we need to create a new smpp session with IP address and port.

const smpp = require('smpp');
const session = new smpp.Session({host: 'smpp01.telecomsxchange.com', port: 2775});

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How To Find SMS Termination Routes?

Find and Buy SMS termination providers in Seconds!

In this blog post we will go over how to find SMS termination routes quickly utilizing TelecomsXChange SMS Exchange platform.

The Market View Search

Finding a sms termination provider has never been easier. you simply search for the country code or country name you’re looking for and the market view will show you the results in seconds.

  • Let’s start looking for the lowest SMS Termination price for  Cyprus Mobile PrimeTel.





  • Second let’s Purchase the route from Market View





  • Third ! confirm the route purchase. once we do that the rates and SMPP configuration details will be sent to us via email to configure and start immediately using on the SMPP gateway.








Thats it! You can now start sending traffic to the purchase route.

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