TelecomsXChange (TCXC) platform enables modern communication providers to buy and sell voice, SMS and virtual numbers (DIDs) securely and transparently using intuitive UI or programmatically using API.

What’s new?

From today you’ll notice new API endpoints for buyers and sellers and new UI features in TCXC portal, find below brief summary of what’s new.

  • When trying to search for virtual numbers (DIDs) you’ll notice a new backorder link available if no numbers are found, this enables buyers to submit a back order for DIDs that are not immediately available in DID market view
  • You can now submit and view DID backorders.
  • Sellers can now find DID subscription logs under DID menu to understand ownership history and billing better
  • Buyers can now find DID subscription logs under DID menu to understand billing and cancellations easier.
  • Buyers and sellers have new filter options for buyers Payment History and Seller Payout history allowing users to run advanced search for payments. New filter options includes notes, amount, payment system used.
  • Seller / Route Edit UI – Replace Check box with Toggle Switch
  • New React App for public use. Find working numbers, anywhere (NOC Tool) Try it now (Built using TCXC API V.2)
  • New API! allows sellers to Sell & Update DID numbers programmatically.
  • New API! allows buyer/sellers to retrieve payment history via API.
  • New API! allows sellers to retrieve market’s top destinations with traffic.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug in DID market view where SQL error showed in some cases.

For more information on this release, contact or visit members portal if you’re an existing member.