Selling Virtual Numbers Diagram


In this tutorial, you will learn how communication service providers (CSPs) with any size how to sell their phone numbers on the DID exchange in 2 easy steps (point it, sell it).

In order to achieve this, CSPs are required to point their phone numbers inventory to TelecomsXChange network using two protocols, session initiation protocol (SIP) for voice enabled and SMPP for SMS enabled numbers.

Step 1

Your core network team can easily do this by pointing the numbers block (e.g 19542400001 –> 195424010000) to the SIP and SMPP addresses of TelecomsXChange listed below:

SIP: (primary) / (backup)

SMPP: (primary) / (backup).

smpp username: did

smpp password: did

This takes care of forwarding in coming calls and sms messages to TelecomsXChange.

As soon that this has been done, you need to login to your TelecomsXChange seller account

Step 2

Next, you will head to menu option DIDs >> My DIDs and then click on Authentication rules in order to white-list your origination equipment IP-address(s)

You will need to whitelist your SIP equipment IP Addresses (you can obtain this information from your core team) and add it in portal. if you don’t have this information, you can set it the source address to ANY (see below).

Once you have added that, you’re now ready to upload and set the pricing for the pointed virtual numbers (e.g 19542400001 –> 195424010000)

Go here and click on the Download All DIDs button in order to download the excel template.

Open the excel file and fill in the values (monthly fee, price per min/sms and so on) , see below sample:

Upload Bulk DID numbers

If you require further verification process on the user before they can use the phone number, set verification required field to 1

Now just proceed with uploading the DID numbers file to the exchange (see below)

Choose DID upload file and Submit

Now your DIDs are listed on the DID Market Place and customers (Buyers) can view them, purchase them.

Once the user has purchased your DID number, you’ll immediately see the funds in your seller account and payment history. You may request a payout anytime as long as your seller account balance is higher than $0.00.

If you need help, please contact our support team for remote assistance.