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STIR/SHAKEN SIP headers support and more..

A few important updates will land to TCXC production environment today.


TelecomsXChange (TCXC) is now officially registered in the Federal Communications Commission Robocall Mitigation Database holding number RMD0004338. We have already added the support for the STIR/SHAKEN required SIP headers last week. We have also exposed some UI/API tools for sellers to help them take action in real-time to stop/mitigate any suspicious traffic.

The new SIP Identity headers required by STIR/SHAKEN are now added to TCXC SIP stack. All members are welcome to start testing.

New CLID (Caller ID) policy for sellers

We have released a new policy for sellers which enable them to have full control over the CLID policy to be used for each SIP connection (route). For instance a seller can now define a default Deny all caller ids except defined entries in the table, this can come in handy for virtual number providers who wish to offer a local sip trunk but at same time allow it only to be used from DIDs that are sold via the platform.

New CLID policy for sellers

Go Lang SMPP LB & Bind Proxy

We are at final stages of QA testing of the new SMPP load balancer and Bind proxy written in Go Lang, the test results were satisfying and in some areas very impressive. We will be posting a dedicated update regarding this topic.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these updates , please write to support@telecomsxchange.com .

VoIP Exchange

What is VoIP Exchange?

VoIP Exchange refers to a two or more carriers exchange voice traffic over the internet, when people make phone calls around the world the phone service providers send these calls from one destination to another, the process of sending and receiving these phone calls is is referred to VoIP Exchange.

What does a real VoIP Exchange mean to TelecomsXChange ?

TelecomsXChange (TCXC) is a VoIP Exchange and  trading platform that allows VoIP buyers and sellers to interconnect and exchange traffic in minutes securely by being insured by Buyer and Seller Protection. 

  • Members should see each other and communicate directly on the platform to resolve issues quickly without Middle man interfering.
  • A real VoIP exchange should not make money on Minutes/Rates as it created an interest for buyer and seller to deal outside of the exchange to save money
  • A real VoIP exchange should only handle signaling and provide Open RTP (let the media flow between buyer and seller)
  • A real VoIP Exchange should pay the sellers immediately upon request
  • A real VoIP Exchange should not have a minimum deposit amount for buyers
  • A real VoIP exchange should be reliable and open about their network performance and historical outages
  • A real VoIP exchange should profit from membership subscriptions , value added services and sponsorships
  • A real VoIP exchange should keep historical sip logs to resolve disputes incase they are raised between buyers and sellers
  • Any Buyer or Seller can join regardless of size, region or background as long as you originate or terminate Minutes your welcome on board.

If an exchange does not provide the above we believe they are just another switch in middle trying to commission on Minutes you send to carriers, You can try a real exchange with hundreds of option and no interest in marking up carrier rates your welcome to join TelecomsXChange now.

To join TelecomsXChange please signup here

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What is a VoIP Exchange

VoIP Exchange

VoIP Exchange

VoIP Exchange refers to when telephony service providers and carriers utilize a an exchange platform to Buy and Sell VoIP termination services, for example AT&T sends Telefonica voice traffic for Brazil while it receives back traffic to USA.

VoIP Exchange Platform

TelecomsXChange provides a hub for VoIP termination providers to exchange (Buy and Sell) VoIP termination services, you can join as a buyer to purchase VoIP termination or as a Seller to sell VoIP termination in less than one day.

VoIP Termination Profits Avg (2018)

According to latest stats by TelecomsXChange.com the avg profit margin for wholesale VoIP termination providers is estimated to be 3.2% .

VoIP Termination Market Rates

Please visit this link to see in realtime the Low and High sell rates world-wide, for more details you can subscribe to buyer membership to unlock more data.


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