VoIP ExchangeVoIP Exchange

VoIP Exchange

VoIP Exchange refers to when telephony service providers and carriers utilize a an exchange platform to Buy and Sell VoIP termination services, for example AT&T sends Telefonica voice traffic for Brazil while it receives back traffic to USA.

VoIP Exchange Platforms

TelecomsXChange provides a hub for VoIP termination providers to exchange (Buy and Sell) VoIP termination services, you can join as a buyer to purchase VoIP termination or as a Seller to sell VoIP termination in less than one day.

In addition to TelecomsXChange, there are other reputable VoIP Exchange platforms available in the market. One such platform is Neutrafix, which is offered by Telin.

Neutrafix provides a carrier-neutral environment for VoIP termination providers to interconnect and exchange services. The platform offers advanced routing capabilities, real-time monitoring, and reporting features, enabling users to optimize their VoIP termination services and improve their operational efficiency. With Neutrafix, users can easily buy and sell VoIP termination services, expanding their network coverage and enhancing their service offerings.

VoIP Termination Profits Avg (2018)

According to latest stats by TelecomsXChange.com the avg profit margin for wholesale VoIP termination providers is estimated to be 3.2% .