Direct Termination to USA

Introducing Pure Telephone

TelecomsXChange has been actively working on providing less hops (better quality) and more direct routes to USA Domestic and Toll Free Networks

Service providers that seek high quality termination to USA over SIP protocol can now get interconnected and start utilizing the service in Minutes.

Over 50k ports, Multiple US РEU Pops available for US Termination

Pure Telephone is a licensed US based telecommunication provider has an established agreement with multiple large U.S Carriers and will be facilitating the transport of these calls to USA at 0.0034 6/6 and 0.00 for Toll Free.

To interconnect and start terminating high quality calls to Ghana please follow below steps:-

  1. Login to your Telecomsxchange buyer account
  2. Click on Market View
  3. Enter 1 in Prefix field
  4. Enter PureTelephone in the seller field
  5. Choose Route  (US or EU)
  6. Click search

The rates will show up and now you can click on + icon to interconnect and purchase this route.

Rate sheet will be automatically emailed to you once Route has been purchased.

Feel free to contact to help you with quickly interconnecting with PureTelephone if you’re facing any issues.

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