Introducing SIP3 Tapir for VoIP Networks Monitoring

Real-time monitoring for VoIP-network based systems

We would like to introduce to you our latest partner , SIP3  TAPIR is a complete, end-to-end solution capable of analysing customer experience and network performance by application in real-time for the huge volumes of traffic.

Tapir reduces operational costs, prevents voice fraud, increases system availability time.

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SIP3 Tapir comes in several flavors from Open Source , to Cloud (Soon) & Enterprise, to get your discount on the commercial version please use Promo Code: TCXCSIP3 .

We find the most interesting one is the cloud version as it consists of aggregation module, storage module and UI with personal domain like It still requires agents to be installed on production servers or close to it, please expect full details on cloud version by end of May 2018.

One of the most common issues we see is where a carrier has a great termination route but is not aware of network related issues happening on their side causing quality issues leading to loss of traffic and unhappy customers, we believe SIP3 Tapir can help you avoid these issues from happening in the first place along with other benefits like dispute resolutions where some switches and SBCs do not keep raw SIP log for a long period.

Demo Video: