What is VoIP Termination ?

VoIP  call termination refers to completing a phone call from one telephone service provider to another, for example when you call from USA to Mexico the phone company in Mexico is Terminating the call that was sent to them from USA Providers like T-Mobile, Verizon etc..

Calling Party

Is the person who has initiated the phone call (caller)

Called Party

Is the person who answers or receives the call (callee)


VoIP refers to Voice Over Internet Protocol, a widely used technology everyday on apps like Magic Jack, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, O2 .


The fees for services are subject to the regulations of several countries because the routes of the calls will cross over more than one country. Those countries can use legislation to control the fees for the services. Termination rates are usually very high for the countries in the Middle East and Asia. The rates are intentional high because there are more incoming calls than outgoing calls from the countries, which is caused by the diaspora effect of a migrating population.


VoIP Termination Exchange

TelecomsXChange provides one hub for termination providers to exchange (Buy and Sell) VoIP termination services, you can join as a buyer to purchase VoIP termination or as a Seller to sell VoIP termination.