Working together to enhance carrier connectivity for members programmatically

BridgeVoice Inc. (BVI ) joins TelecomsXChange (TCXC) as a premium member to offer access to a range of direct MNOs connectivity for members to meet their growing demand for voice, SMS and DIDs through TCXC’s graphical user interface or programmatically using application programming interface (API).

About BVI

BVI, a global leader in offering retail & wholesale VoIP termination services is an integral part of Bankai Group. The Group’s robust experience of more than 28 years and profound expertise in the telecommunications industry has enabled us to develop an Automated Carrier Platform for telecom operators, carriers and service providers.

BVI Pluto an Online Automated Portal that allows enterprises & businesses to access a range of MNOs & carriers to meet their Voice, SMS & DID demands. 

Learn  more about BVI.

“With high-quality voice and multiple options, BVI makes difference among standard voice providers within TCXC market”

Initially BVI will be offering the following services / classes to be be immediately available for members to interconnect and utilize with a click:

  • BVI Platinum: Routes bought from direct or Global Operators routing only for the best voice quality possible for non-price sensitive enterprises.
  • BVI Gold: Routes bought from global Operators & trusted Carriers with  the best rates and quality combination. 
  • BVI Silver: Least-cost  based routing focusing on special destinations for CSPs focusing on lowest rates possible.
  • BVI ORTP:  Direct routes to in-country operators for 100% transparency of termination media IPs, media will flow directly between originator and in-country operator.

All BVI rates and stats are immediately available to all members via portal and API, we’ll cover how to programmatically access BVI through the  API in this blog post.

How to interconnect with BVI on TCXC

1- Login to your TelecomsXChange buyer Account

2- Navigate to Market View page 

3- In Seller field enter {{ BVI }} and click “Search”

4- Click on the + icon to purchase BVI routes

Confirm Route Purchase

Confirm Route Interconnect/Purchase

5- You will receive tech details  (IP+ Tech Prefix) via email along with official price notification  to start terminating to BVI:

Once you have configured the IP details in your SIP equipment, you’re able to start immediately sending calls to BVI.

Communication: BVI will automatically be informed by TelecomsXChange once you have purchased their route and they will be able to see your profile on TCXC and communicate directly with you and your team.

RTP Media handling: As usual TCXC will only be signaling and media will flow directly between buyer and seller (BVI), prices offered by BVI will not be marked up by the exchange for buyers, so you should be able to

Interconnect with BVI Programmatically using RESTful API

  • Locate your API keys in dashboard
Locate your TCXC API Keys
  • Search BVI Routes on Market View programmatically
Market View API Lookup
Locate BVI Connection ID
  • Initiate SIP interconnect using RESTful API
Initiate SIP interconnect Programmatically with BVI
Successful Interconnect API Response

The API returns the success message which includes Tech Prefix, Rate Sheet Download URL for you to automate provisioning of the route in your application(s).

Developers may do many other things with the TCXC API like automatic route testing and much more. For a complete API guide and code samples you may visit TCXC API Documentation