How CPaaS Providers Can Save Millions Of Dollars ?

Why CPaaS Providers need to utilize Exchange Platforms to grow faster and innovate more?

CPaaS providers can innovate more and save millions of dollars by utilizing VoIP Exchange Platforms, this blog post explains how this can be achieved by utilizing TelecomsXChange APIs to automate carrier relations tasks, routing and Network Operation Tasks.

Telecom Exchange Platforms refers to when service providers and carriers utilize a an exchange platform to Interconnect, Buy and Sell Voice, SMS termination services.

By definition the core focus of exchange platforms is interconnection expansion, buying and selling at best rate possible and Qos monitoring of traffic, each category mentioned takes significant amount of work to accomplish and thats why you see a great gap in the prices CPaaS providers buy at and the real-market rates on exchange platforms.

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WebRTC To PSTN (Restcomm + TelecomsXChange)

How to Initiate Calls From WebRTC To The PSTN Network ?

In this tutorial we will show you how to initiate phone calls from WebRTC Web SDK to the PSTN network, this means you can dial any number in the world right from your browser and connect to it including Mobile and Fixed networks all over the world.

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CPaaS Introduction Workshop (Amman – Jordan)

When: July 9th, 2018 6PM – 9 PM

Where: Zain Innovation Campus – Amman, Jordan

Event Page : CPaaS Introduction

Ticket Price: FREE

July 9th, 2018 6PM – 9 PM. Ameed Jamous will be making a CPaaS Introduction in the beautiful city of Amman, at Zain Innovation Campus.

ZINC Innovation Campus aims to activate and ignite the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan and MENA region.

The event will focus on introducing CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) capabilities to the tech community in Jordan and demonstrate how to solve local problems using RestcommOne CPaaS APIs and TelecomsXChange Platform for PSTN Connectivity.


01. CPaaS Introduction 6-7 PM.

02. Build a CpaaS App to solve a local problem  7-8PM.

03. Q.A and Networking  8-9 PM.

If you would like to know more on this event and grab your Free Tickets , please visit  CPaaS Introduction “Amman” Page .

Twilio Alternatives 2018

Twilio Alternatives in 2018


There is no doubt that Twilio has done a great job marketing CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service)APIs and SDKs to the developer community and has went from a startup all the way to IPO with their model.

Many apps and services that we relay on today such as ride-sharing apps like Uber and features like two-step verification when accessing our emails and web pages are mostly powered by CPaaS APIs like Twilio, Nexmo, Plivo.

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How to initiate Voice Calls via TATA Communications using RESTFul APIs

Initiate Phone Calls to TATA Communications from your App.

We’re excited to show you in this tutorial how to send voice traffic (initiate calls) via  TATA Communications using RESTFul API,  After this tutorial you’ll be able to initiate outbound calls via Airtel right from web or mobile application by simply making a simple API Call.

As usual TelecomsXChange does not markup or commission on the seller rates, our model continues to be a subscription based model and you get exactly the rates offered by carrier TATA Communications.

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