Send SMS via API to Jordan

Send SMS via API to Jordan

In this tutorial we will show you how you can easily send an SMS (Text Message) to mobile numbers in amman , Jordan using RESTFUL  API (Application Programming Interface), in this tutorial we will create 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) which is very useful to secure online transactions, account sign ins, mobile apps, websites and more by providing 2-factor authentication with One-Time Passwords to your users.

Using this REST API, you can send and receive SMS messages, track the delivery of sent messages, and retrieve and modify messages.

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Blockchain Credit Bureau System

Blockchain Credit Bureau System for Telecom Carriers

In this blog post we share some thoughts on how we can use the decentralized blockchain technology in the telecom industry to resolve a specific problem which is risk evaluation and credit issuing to international businesses.

The telecom industry today relies on trade references which is not very useful , D&B number (limited to some countries and expensive) , insurance companies like Euler that charges 15k/year and insures only a specific % of the lost money which is also paid within 90 days if approved.

We think the blockchain can create the initial useful step for creditors and business users and here is how.

User Signup / Setup

The user (business) will access the Block Chain Credit Bureau (BCCB) to get a unique identifier id which will represent their payment history and credit worthiness for them on the BBCB Network.

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VoIP Target Rates Search Engine

Find Voice Termination Target Rates  (Wholesale) Easily

Here is a free tool for voice termination providers and aggregators to check current market target rates. the tool supports following route type categories:

  • CLI
  • TDM
  • OTT-Onnet (Such as viber)
  • None CLI

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VOICE and SMS APIs Intro

Voice API

Say hello to high margin Telecommunication services again !

Programmable Voice

A voice API is a tool for software developers and system integrators to make and receive phone calls with a simple, easy to understand API (Application programming Interface). Behind the scenes, a voice API bridges the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and applications connected to the internet. By using a voice API, software developers can program voice calling into their applications without specialized telecommunications knowledge and hardware.

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Ping a “host” until it Responds, Then Play a Sound !

Lets say we want to ping the domain name: and if its up, we want our Mac to tell us that it is, if its down after 30 requests we want it to let us know that its down while we’re away from it.

1.Open Mac OS Terminal

2. ping -oc 30 > /dev/null && say "TelecomsXChange server is up" || say "Oh Shit ! TelecomsXChange host is down"

To try this on other servers, just replace with the domain name or IP-Address that you want to ping.

Another cool way to hear a sound whenever the server stops replying to ping by using this command:

ping -A

In this case you use the uppercase A parameter to send us a beep sound whenever the target stops replying to our ping or if there is a packet loss.

Hope you find it useful !

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