The Future Of Telecom Wholesale (Beyond 2020)

From Years To Seconds A lot of industries have gone digital, but many carriers are still maintaining the status quo. Carriers still conduct business mostly manually, and that is inefficient in the digital age. Fortunately, there is an opportunity for carriers to become digitized and subsequently increase the speed at which they transact. In turn,… Continue reading The Future Of Telecom Wholesale (Beyond 2020)

CPaaS Prepaid Billing (AAA)

Providing real-time billing to your communication platform as a service (CPaaS) customers is critical, as it ensures that everyone pumps traffic within the authorized limits. Centralized and real-time charging expands your selling possibilities and decreased your risk of fraud by a significant percentage. In this blog post, we’ll go over how to use TelecomsXChange (TCXC)… Continue reading CPaaS Prepaid Billing (AAA)


E.212 to E.164 Mapping (Voice – SMS Unification)

SMS Termination Rates (E.212 -> E.164) There are three types of GT in use in mobile networks known as E.164 (MSISDN), E.212(IMSI) and E.214(MGT): Billing systems understand to charge according to E.164 format (CC+AC) but all SMS termination providers send you their updated lists in E.212 format (MCCMNC). So to solve this problem you would… Continue reading E.212 to E.164 Mapping (Voice – SMS Unification)

Building Smart Notifier @ Aspire Smart Hackathon

Building Real-time Emergency Dispatcher System (Smart Notifier) (Day 1 at Aspire Smart Hackathon) First I want to personally thank Aspire and ZINC team for putting this really nice Hackathon together. It was really fun today on building a new team of smart IOS, Android and UI engineers to build the idea, “Smart Notifier” an emergency… Continue reading Building Smart Notifier @ Aspire Smart Hackathon

Blockchain Credit Bureau System

Blockchain Credit Bureau System for Telecom Carriers In this blog post we share some thoughts on how we can use the decentralized blockchain technology in the telecom industry to resolve a specific problem which is risk evaluation and credit issuing to international businesses. The telecom industry today relies on trade references which is not very… Continue reading Blockchain Credit Bureau System