Build PBX for Startups in under 5 minutes

Built using Restcomm + TelecomsXChange

In this tutorial shows you how to build a PBX for your startup in less than 5 minutes. in this tutorial we will buy a phone number for our startup business, build the PBX IVR (For sales press 1 for support press 2 for billing press 3) and forward calls to appropriate person based on the entered digit.

You will build this PBX from your browser, you do not need to have any telecom it background to do it. its very easy and straight forward and best of all you will manage 0 servers to achieve it.



All you need to achieve it is a Restcomm Cloud Account and a TelecomsXChange buyer account for outbound calls.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful.


Introducing SIP3 Tapir for VoIP Networks Monitoring

Real-time monitoring for VoIP-network based systems

We would like to introduce to you our latest partner , SIP3  TAPIR is a complete, end-to-end solution capable of analysing customer experience and network performance by application in real-time for the huge volumes of traffic.

Tapir reduces operational costs, prevents voice fraud, increases system availability time.

Try it Free 

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IVR Route As a Service

IVR Route as a Service (Tutorial)

In this article we will show you how to use a dummy IVR route, some members have the need to route some calls to a dummy looping IVR for several test purposes, we have created a trunk that allows you to just do that and pay for usage only.

We think this is useful for some members as creating an IVR asterisk box can cost some money to setup the server and sometime to configure the IVR machine, we think sharing this with you can allow you to use dummy IVR as a service and pay 0.01 per minute (1/1) if you need it.

After this tutorial you’ll be able to purchase IVR BOX route on TelecomsXchange and send calls to looping IVR.

First you need to login to your buyer account , if you don’t have a buyer account yet please click here.

Second you need to add your PBX/Switch IP-Address in the accounts section.




Third you have to click on [Market View] menu option and search enter below search fields:

Prefix: 8888

Seller: TelecomsXChange

Route: IVR Box


Fourth, purchase the route by clicking on the + icon.

Fifth, click [Confirm & Purchase Route] button to complete interconnection.





Congratulations, now you have interconnected with IVR BOX, you can start sending calls to dummy IVR as follows:

*Now dial 34391#8888123456 you should hear looping IVR message (For english press1, for Spanish press 2 etc…)*

P.S any number you send starting with 8888 will be routed to the IVR.

Price-List Distribution Tool for VoIP Carriers

Send professional price-lists in seconds…

Find out how FreshTariffs tool can help you make every day price lists management easy, fast and secure.

What is FreshTariffs ?

  • Free Tool (for up to 5 customers)
  • Price-list distribution tool for VoIP Carriers
  • Open, Click, Recipient tracking for sent price-lists
  • keep track of Increase/Decrease/New rate changes
  • World-wide destinations prefix, area codes support
  • Developer Friendly (Web Hooks and RESTFul API)
  • Multiple Cloud Apps integrations (FreshBooks, Google Drive)

Demo Video

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How to Build VoIP Route Testing Tool ?


Daily route testing and CLI verification is a must have task today for every Carrier and VoIP Service provider, there are some great tools that exist today, they do the job well but we think not everyone can afford the high rates and licensing fees that these providers are requesting you to pay for the service.

We believe these high costs can cause operators to avoid testing routes more often as they should and this will lead to a degraded performance in VoIP networks due to this.

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