Click2Call from scratch

In this tutorial , we use the original code from tcxc-php repo to build a simple page that uses bootstrap+php to build a nice and easy to use click2call form for customers on any website. once they enter their number a call is connected immediatlety between the customer on the web page and the call center number.

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TelecomsXChange Programmable Voice API Tutorial (PHP)

In this tutorial we show you how to initiate phone calls from your PHP web application using TCXC (TelecomsXChange ) API. #Developers can build voice #communication right in their app with a few lines of code without the worry about #telecommunication infrastructure or having to deal with carriers.

In this step by step tutorial, we show you how to download code from GitHub and set up the script to initiate phone calls via your TCXC Buyer account.

How to create VoIP Route Testing Tool ?

Simple API to test quality, cli and other issues on Voice Carriers.

The TelecomsXChange Voice API is the easiest way to:

  • Initiate test calls on any carrier on TelecomsXChange via a simple HTTP API call
  • CLI verification right on your phone number
  • Set Custom caller IDs
  • Get charged per minute not per test

If you do not have a TCXC buyer account please click here .

Follow this sample code tutorial and fill in your details in order to start testing the script and initiate test calls to any carrier on the platform.

Useful Tool: Network Operation Center


NOC (network operation center) staff in Telecom/VoIP have a daily task which requires them to test valid phone numbers to different countries in the world and check Call quality, getting the valid phone numbers to some destinations is not so easy so we made this free tool to help NOC teams find phone numbers to any country in the world quickly and easily by simply entering country Code.

Access the tool

1- Enter country code

2- Click search

3- Get results

Giving back to the Open Source Community

TelecomsXChange and Nerd Vittles taking the Asterisk open-source community to the next level !

TelecomsXChange (TCXC) has worked closely with Nerd vittles for past period to empower the Asterisk community and bring the best of open-source telephony and the best of carrier connectivity around the world and make it accessible for everyone in the community.

TelecomsXchange (TCXC) will provide you access to their entire suite of wholesale carriers together with state-of-the-art tools to manage all of the services. You’ll never have to haggle with individual carriers or provide funds on a piecemeal basis to use any of the services. TCXC already has done the negotiating for you and TCXC handles financial reimbursements to carriers based upon the services you use. There’s more good news. When compared to commercial providers, TCXC’s one-second billing increment on most routes will recoup a healthy portion of the wholesale surcharge.

What does a penny buy?

11-minute call to U.S., 10-minute call to Cyprus, 9-minute call to Canada, 5-minute call to Germany, 5 minute call to England, or 2½-minute call to China.

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