Giving back to the Open Source Community

TelecomsXChange and Nerd Vittles taking the Asterisk open-source community to the next level !

TelecomsXChange (TCXC) has worked closely with Nerd vittles for past period to empower the Asterisk community and bring the best of open-source telephony and the best of carrier connectivity around the world and make it accessible for everyone in the community.

TelecomsXchange (TCXC) will provide you access to their entire suite of wholesale carriers together with state-of-the-art tools to manage all of the services. You’ll never have to haggle with individual carriers or provide funds on a piecemeal basis to use any of the services. TCXC already has done the negotiating for you and TCXC handles financial reimbursements to carriers based upon the services you use. There’s more good news. When compared to commercial providers, TCXC’s one-second billing increment on most routes will recoup a healthy portion of the wholesale surcharge.

What does a penny buy?

11-minute call to U.S., 10-minute call to Cyprus, 9-minute call to Canada, 5-minute call to Germany, 5 minute call to England, or 2½-minute call to China.

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P.S: TelecomsXChange does not markup the carrier rates, so you get exactly the same rates that carriers are providing with no extra markup or fees on minutes or rates*

What is Incredible PBX?

Incredible PBX is a secure and feature-rich implementation of the terrific Asterisk® PBX. By rethinking the PBX security model from the ground up, Incredible PBX was engineered to provide rock-solid security while delivering the most comprehensive collection of Asterisk utilities available on the planet including free calling in the U.S. and Canada courtesy of Google Voice.

Incredible PBX Design

Incredible PBX is built atop many platforms and adds close to 50 turnkey applications to an already robust VoIP PBX featuring the very latest CentOS/Debian, Asterisk & FreePBX® GPL modules. Incredible PBX runs on any inexpensive Atom-based computer typically priced under $200 or In the Cloud with performance suitable for handling telecom requirements of a 25-50 person office

Incredible PBX Free Download

Incredible PBX is available on CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Wazo on Debian, to download the latest release of Incredible PBX click here .

What is TelecomsXChange?

TelecomsXChange is an open trading platform and interconnect solution that allows you to connect to hundreds of carriers and route termination providers in minutes instead of years and provide you with wholesale rates regardless of your volumes and size.

It’s better to see it in action 🙂 Check out the videos below:

Buyer Video

Seller Video

How to get the deal ?

We have setup a special landing page for the asterisk community which has 100% discount on the membership fee that we usually charge yearly, you can redeem the offer here:


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