Direct Termination to India (CLI – OpenRTP)

India CLI – OpenRTP VoIP Termination TelecomsXChange (TCXC) has been actively working on providing less hops (better quality) and more direct routes to India Mobile and Fixed telecom networks. Bharti Airtel today, October 23rd, 2019, offered special wholesale rates to India (Open RTP) on TelecomsXChange (TCXC) to further support the TCXC members community. Sign in to members… Continue reading Direct Termination to India (CLI – OpenRTP)


TCXC Smart Contract: Blockchain Implementation For Telecom Providers

Introduction Telecommunications companies have been going back and forth on how blockchain can benefit their operations. I have seen lots of content out there but no real world example on how it’s implemented by a communications service provider, therefore i want to share with you how TelecomsXChange decided to use blockchain to improve a specific… Continue reading TCXC Smart Contract: Blockchain Implementation For Telecom Providers


Epic Communications joins TelecomsXChange

Dominica’s CLEC Joins TelecomsXChange Friday, May 3rd, 2019 Epic Communication a licensed CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) based in Roseau, Dominica serving 200+ enterprise and residential customers announced  joining TelecomsXChange platform to offer direct 0 hop termination and DID Numbers  to Dominica – Flow  networks to over 500 CSPs on TelecomsXChange. Epic communications is currently interconnected via Fiber optic… Continue reading Epic Communications joins TelecomsXChange

VoIP Target Rates Search Engine

Find Voice Termination Target Rates  (Wholesale) Easily Here is a free tool for voice termination providers and aggregators to check current market target rates. the tool supports following route type categories: CLI TDM OTT-Onnet (Such as viber) None CLI

One Mobile Networks Joins TelecomsXChange

OMNetworks Joins TelecomsXChange About OMNetworks AKA Cavendish Smartel Solutions(CSS): Cavendish Smartel Solutions(CSS) formerly known as Smartel Communications is the only BEE, virtual telecoms company, providing voice and data services to the Southern African market.