TelecomsXChange (TCXC) a Founding Member of the API3 Alliance, To Offer First-Party Oracle Services on Web3.0

TelecomsXChange (TCXC) a founding Member of the API3 Alliance, To Offer First-Party Oracle Services on Web3

Leading Web API provider to provide data and services to the next generation of decentralized applications via Airnode

Miami, Florida– August 10, 2021 — TCXC, a leading Telecom digital transformation solution provider today joined with API3, a “first-party oracle” solution empowering data providers to offer APIs directly to Web3 applications, to launch the API3 Alliance 2. The API3 Alliance represents a strategic coalition of API providers who believe that we should be able to share the same data and services we currently offer to web applications directly to Web3 consumers, without having to rely on third-party middlemen. Traditionally, APIs have been forced to either build their own facilities or pay external oracle operators to implement the middleware necessary to make their data and services compatible with the blockchain. API3 offers the tools and individualized support to our growing community — already more than 100 API providers — to go direct to the consumers of our APIs on Web3.

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TCXC Smart Contract: Blockchain Implementation For Telecom Providers


Telecommunications companies have been going back and forth on how blockchain can benefit their operations. I have seen lots of content out there but no real world example on how it’s implemented by a communications service provider, therefore i want to share with you how TelecomsXChange decided to use blockchain to improve a specific part of its platform, where we thought decentralizations makes sense. While also making sure that we make it affordable for communication service providers (CSPs) to utilize it.

In my opinion utilizing the blockchain in telecom shouldn’t be complicated, At TelecomsXChange, we always aim to make advanced technologies simple, we took the time it takes for CSPs to interconnect from months or years to seconds.

The Mission

Here is what we want to achieve, give buyers or sellers a one click option and or a single API call to keep a replica of important data on the blockchain, like prepaid account balances on daily basis, and an easy way to verify the transactions and view its content in a human readable format (Text) not just hexes or binaries.

As shown below, to achieve this will develop a Smart Contract on ETC network, it will be responsible for storing the data we push from TelecomsXChange on to the blockchain.

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Blockchain Credit Bureau System

Blockchain Credit Bureau System for Telecom Carriers

In this blog post we share some thoughts on how we can use the decentralized blockchain technology in the telecom industry to resolve a specific problem which is risk evaluation and credit issuing to international businesses.

The telecom industry today relies on trade references which is not very useful , D&B number (limited to some countries and expensive) , insurance companies like Euler that charges 15k/year and insures only a specific % of the lost money which is also paid within 90 days if approved.

We think the blockchain can create the initial useful step for creditors and business users and here is how.

User Signup / Setup

The user (business) will access the Block Chain Credit Bureau (BCCB) to get a unique identifier id which will represent their payment history and credit worthiness for them on the BBCB Network.

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Blockchain Can Disrupt the Telecom World. Here is how !



Blockchain + SIP = 1+ Trillion USD Redistributed to people ?

According to latest Statista Report the world’s telecommunication market value by 2019 is 1 trillion and 195 billion U.S dollars by 2019.

What if this number could be re-distrubuted across people all over earth, wouldn’t that solve partially the world’s tough economy problems of today ?

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Decentralized Open Telecom System (D.O.T.S Project)

Decentralized Open Telecommunication System (Paper)

Author: Ameed Jamous

Project Name: D.O.T.S

Abstract. A decentralized version of the telecom industry would allow voice, video, text communications to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a intercepted telecom networks. SIP Registrars & Presence Agent provide part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if SIP Servers are not interconnected. We propose a solution to this problem using a the DTP network. The decentrerlized SIP registrars and SIP presence agents are replicated across the world, forming a record that cannot be changed . The longest chain not only serves as proof of the sequence of events witnessed, but proof that it came from the largest pool of SIP Servers. The network itself requires minimal structure. Messages are broadcast on a best effort basis, and SIP nodes can leave and rejoin the network at will.

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