An intriguing question emerged during the “Godfathers of CPaaS Panel” hosted by the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance, which can be viewed at this link: How can we engage the next 20 million users with low-code and no-code solutions in the advancing era of CPaaS 4.0?

In today’s rapidly expanding digital realm, it’s crucial to identify innovative methodologies capable of captivating a broad user base. At the crossroads of technological evolution and wide-ranging accessibility, the need for maximizing the potential of low-code and no-code solutions has never been more critical.

A New Perspective: The Power of ‘Prompts’

In the insightful panel discussion, our esteemed host, Evan Kirstel, a renowned B2B TechFluencer, and expert participants Tony Jamous, Jean Deruelle, and Jason Goecke, posited an open question that sparked a promising idea from Ameed Jamous, Founder of TelecomsXChange‘Prompts.’

‘Prompts’ could potentially serve as a revolutionary mechanism to unlock the next 20+ million users. To illustrate, envision a scenario where prompts (ChatGPT like experience) are used to secure a phone number, reroute it to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, configure the settings, and ultimately deliver transcripts via WhatsApp, SMS or E-mail.

Translating Theory into Practice: A Live Demonstration

To bridge the gap between theoretical concept and practical implementation, we’ve prepared a live demonstration. Witness how prompts can streamline and optimize user interaction by checking out the demo video at this link.

This script acts like a virtual assistant, chatting with you in a human-like manner to understand your business’s phone system needs. It’ll ask straightforward questions about your company, the country where you want a new phone number, where you want calls to be forwarded, and whether you want transcriptions of the calls. You simply answer these questions just like you’re having a chat.

After the questions, your responses are utilized to construct your phone system, with no coding or complicated technical steps on your part. Everything is done in the background. When it’s all set up, it runs a test call to make sure everything is working perfectly. This way, through a conversational interface and without any technical know-how, you can have your business’s phone system up and running in no time.

Inviting Your Insights: An Open Dialogue

Now, we invite you, our readers, into the discussion: How do you foresee the implementation of low-code and no-code solutions shaping user engagement in the CPaaS 4.0 era? Your thoughts and perspectives are invaluable to us.

In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Kevin Nethercott, Rob Kurver, and Gert-Jan Huizer. Their significant contributions have been instrumental in shaping these essential discussions for the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance community. Their dedication continues to drive the industry forward, fostering critical conversations about technology’s future.

Join us in our mission to redefine user engagement in the dynamic digital landscape. Together, let’s unlock the potential of the next 20 million users in the world of CPaaS 4.0, with ‘Prompts’ leading the way.