The idea

This blog  explains  a business idea that I thought of building one day which allows me to communicate with my baby daughter even when am not around anymore, by utilizing CPaaS APIs I can schedule Voice, Text, Emails to any number or email and let it execute automatically when it verifies that am dead. 

I never had the time to build it, however I still think it solves a big problem for many people, i did the research and due diligence and talked to many people, there was a 50% who found it amazing and 50% who found it creepy, believe it or not the most people interested in the service were Bikers followed by  law enforcement officers.

Since I didn’t get the opportunity to build it I decided to share it with the world, hope you find it useful and I would be the first subscriber to if you decide to build the service.

A Message From Heaven

We are all used to the idea that when we’re dead we can’t communicate with our family or loves ones anymore, as parents or grandparents we all want to stay around as much as possible to give our loves ones an advice when they graduate from school or collage, This is going to change our service is aimed to keep the communication going between you and  your loves ones even when your gone. now you can relax using CPaaS to  ensure your messages will be delivered as per your schedule to the numbers you set up in our easy to use portal.

Life is pleasant. 

Death is peaceful. 

It’s the transition that’s troublesome 

“Isaac Asimov “

At my age, I’m often asked if I’m frightened of death and my reply is always, I can’t remember being frightened of birth.

Peter Ustinov

Service Features- Use cases:

CPaaS API will allow you to immediately build the below services in no time

  • Keep communication going with your family even when your not around 
  • Schedule  happy birthday even when your gone, via Text message or Voice calls, Recorded messages, Emails and more..
  • Tell a secret to someone when your not around via SMS or voice 
  • Blast your death wish in your own voice to all family members
  • Schedule SMS or Voice call to at any specific date or time.
  • By a specific date your son or daughter probably graduating from school, schedule an advise to them

How it works?

  • A senior citizen signs up via the website for the service using a simple and easy to fill form.
  • He/She adds the phone number, Name of each person that they want to reach when they are not around.
  • Add the birthday mm/dd/yy for the family members.
  • They choose if they want to send a text message or Voice call to this person.
  • If Voice option is chosen the user will be asked to either use text to speech technology or record his/her own voice that will be played to the family member when they pickup.

How to Build It:

To build all the above, you’ll need the below tools:

  • Restcomm API
  • TelecomsXChange Buyer Account (For Initiating outbound voice calls)
  • SMS Provider (for sending out text messages)
  • Database
  • PHP Framework (Laravel to build the app logic and backend APIs)
  • Using the backend Apis you can then build your mobile native apps

Market Research:


According to the latest research avg living in USA is 78.7 years.

How do retired people spend their time ?

Demographic Type Of Home By Age Of Owner-Renter

Total Number Led Homes In Florida, By Type

  • Population of 45 to 54 year olds: 1,074,386
  • Population of 55 to 59 year olds: 446,535
  • Population of 60 to 64 year olds: 422,522
  • Population of 65 to 74 year olds: 658,424
  • Population of 75 to 84 year olds: 387,679
  • Population of 85 year olds and over: 104,599

Six in ten seniors now go online, and just under half are broadband adopters