Aspire Smart Hackathon – Amman, Jordan

From ideas to production in two days !

We had a stressful yet amazing 2nd day at Aspire Smart Hackathon, we spent our day finalizing the pitch deck, making final touches to IOS and Android app and final algorithm changes to improve pulling data from Twitter API to demonstrate how software can notify us about urgent content from big data sources like Twitter API.

While pitching the ideas we took this great photo showing the facial expressions of the judges, that was an amazing moment.

Smart Notifier Pitch Deck :

Smart Notifier team (Ameed Jamous, Amer Ziadeh, Qosay, Mohammad Saleem, Ibrahim Saleem) made it through and were one of the Winners !

Congratulations to all other winners, it was really fun competing with you.

We would like to really thank Aspireย for putting this event together and special thanks to Mais Eid the event organizer for doing a great job organizing the event and making sure everyone was having a great time.


Organizer: Aspire :ย

Venue: Zain Innovation Center –