Building Real-time Emergency Dispatcher System (Smart Notifier) (Day 1 at Aspire Smart Hackathon)

First I want to personally thank Aspire and ZINC team for putting this really nice Hackathon together. It was really fun today on building a new team of smart IOS, Android and UI engineers to build the idea, “Smart Notifier” an emergency dispatcher system that utilizes the latest and greatest technologies such as CPaaS APIs to provide real-time emergency notifications via SMS, Voice, Push to the right people at the right time along with accurate location coordinates using big data APIs like Twitter, Google to detect and dispatch notifications automatically. .

The idea of Smart Notifier to plug into Big data source (e.g Twitter, Facebook) and or any data source to automatically detect emergencies and notify the right person in the right area at the right time using SMS, Voice, Push, Email and others channels.

First Data Source Channel: Social Media

In day one the team have built the logic which listens for certain keywords on Twitter “e.g Fire, accident, Emergency, حادث ، طوارئ ، حريق) in a certain geo-location radius and sends that information to the concerned people via SMS message including exact coordinates of the person tweeting about the issue along with user profile url and content of tweet.


Once the code was running we started receiving real world emergencies from twitter 🙂 as you can see above. So the first data source for emergencies was done.

Second channel (data source): Voice IVR

We have also build an IVR system that basically allows anyone to call in and leave a voicemail message about an emergency or leave an anonymous tip once the recorded message is done the concerned people will receive an EMail and SMS with audio recording.


This way we have completed two data sources: Twitter as a data source of emergencies and IVR number for reporting issues using voice.

Now the third data source that the team will complete is the IOS/ Android app that will allow users to notify about an emergency from the app it self.

We will post day 2 update tomorrow to show off the complete project completed during this Hackathon.

To be continued …