US Toll-Free termination at Zero cost.

Did you ever want to provide free international calls to US Toll-free Numbers like Skype and other applications?

Telecomsxchange partnership with tollfreedollars and Pure Telephone allows you to very quickly get access to Zero cost termination to Toll free networks and in fact if you have high volumes you can get a kickback for the Minutes you send via TelecomsXChange.

To get this deal you must follow below steps:-

Login to your TCXC buyer account , if you don’t have an account yet please signup here

  1. Go to Market View and enter 1 in the Prefix field and enter “tollfreedollars” or “PureTelephone”on seller field
  2. Click search button
  3. Rates will show up in the table below
  4. Click on the + icon to purchase the route and interconnect with this carrier
  5. Wait for confirmation email that includes Tech prefix and IP settings
  6. Start sending calls from your Pbx or Switch to the newly created trunk and enjoy 0.00 cost Calls.
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