What is a swap deal in Telecom or VoIP Business?

Everything you need to know.

In VoIP/Telecom Wholesale business aggregation you might hear a lot of the term swap deal when trying to buy or sell a voice termination route to one of the carriers.
Some people are confused about this term so i wanted to take the time to explain it in simple straight forward words.

So, What does it mean?

The concept is very simple, let’s say that you have 50,000 Minutes a day to Saudi Arabia or whatever destination, You are trying to sell one of the carriers a route to India, what you can do is let the representative of the carrier your trying to sell that your willing to send them 1.5 Million a month to Saudi arabia at X Price in exchange for 5 Million minutes to India Mobile at X Price.
The representative will usually that information and share it with Market Manager and once approved you get your self guaranteed traffic for the whole month.
you can simply request to renew the swap deal every month (month by month).
if you have any questions regarding swap deals or need consultancy to design your first swap deal with a carrier please contact support@telecomsxchange.com for 1 hour of free consultancy.
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