Working together to enhance carrier A2P connectivity into Singapore to global CSPs & OTTs.


Hello Technology (HelloTech) joins TelecomsXChange (TCXC) SMS Exchange and marketplace as an official member to offer direct access to all Singapore MNOs to meet the growing demand for A2P direct SMS connectivity. Hello Technology Routes will be accessible to members via TCXC’s graphical user interface (UI) or programmatically using Application Programming Interface (API) for those who wish to implement complete automation for pre and post interconnection tasks.

About Hello Technology Ltd

Hello Technology Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1997 and is the only local tier-1 aggregator connected to all Singapore mobile operators from multiple data centres in Singapore.

Besides geographical redundancy, we are also resiliently connected via SS7 as well as each operator’s proprietary A2P protocol to ensure your messages get through. HelloTech has been the messaging vendor of choice for financial institutions and large enterprises in Singapore for more than 15 years. We are regularly audited by 3rd parties, and have attained OSPAR (Outsourced Service Provider Audit Report), which attests our compliance to the security requirements of the ABS (Association of Banks in Singapore) since 2016.

Learn  more about Hello-Tech on their website.

“With high-quality messaging, short and long codes, voice and multiple options, HelloTech makes a difference among standard SMS providers within TCXC market”

Initially, HelloTech will offer SMS MT services for Singapore MSISDNs. We understand the complexity and effort required to map native number ranges to MCCMNC because there are 1,543 at this time! Even having done that, customers have to concern themselves with the very high proportion of ported-out subscribers in this mature market. We take care of all of that for you as each of our routes covers all 4 MNOs and all 12 MVNOs. In “Market View”, search using “Seller is like HELLOTECH” and our 4 routes will appear as 8 entries because Singapore mobiles either have prefix 658 or 659. Make sure to add at least one of each for full Singapore coverage. These are immediately available for members to interconnect and utilize with a click:

  • ALL SG telcos 1A: full coverage to Singapore MSISDNs from our datacentre #1
  • ALL SG telcos 1B: full coverage to Singapore MSISDNs from datacentre #1 server #2
  • ALL SG telcos 2A: full coverage to Singapore MSISDNs from our datacentre #2
  • ALL SG telcos 2B: full coverage to Singapore MSISDNs from datacentre #2 server #2

All HelloTech rates and stats are immediately available to all members via portal and API, we’ll cover how to programmatically access HelloTech through the API in this blog post. For customers who are fulfilling high SLA requirements, we strongly recommend you use TCXC’s excellent Routing Group feature to add 4 to 8 of our Route/Prefix combinations, at least 2 with Prefix 658 and another 2 with Prefix 659. While data centre connectivity issues are rare, layering your connectivity to our geographically isolated servers will ensure that you ride the rare glitches without even feeling it.

Listing HelloTech routes under Routing Group will automatically enable automatic failover, in case ALL SG telcos 1A is not reachable the SMS will be sent via ALL SG telcos 1B automatically. You may reach out to the TCXC support team if you have any questions on setting up SMPP Routing Groups under your account.

How to interconnect with HelloTech on TCXC SMS Exchange

1- Login to your TelecomsXChange buyer Account

2- Navigate to Market View page & select SMS option

3- In Seller field enter {{HelloTech}} and click “Search”

4- Click on the + icon to purchase HelloTech routes

5- You will receive SMPP interconnect details  (IP+ Tech Prefix) via email along with official price notification  to start terminating to Hello-Tech:

Once you have configured the IP details in your SMPP equipment, you’re able to start immediately sending SMS to Singapore via Hello-Tech.


HelloTech will automatically be informed by TCXC once you have purchased their route and they will be able to see your profile on TCXC and communicate directly with you and your team.

Interconnect with HelloTech on SMS Exchange via RESTful API

First you need to locate API Auth keys in TCXC Dashboard

Search HelloTech Routes on Market View programmatically

curl --location --request POST '' \
--form 'prefix="65"' \
--form 'searchform="1"' \
--form 'seller="HelloTech"' \
--form 'smpp="1"' \
--form 'pager="5"' \
--form 'off="0"'

The API returns the success message which includes Tech Prefix, Rate Sheet Download URL for you to automate provisioning of the route in your application(s).

Developers may do many other things with the TCXC API like automatic route testing and much more. For a complete API guide and code samples, you may visit TCXC API Documentation.