Interconnect with Airtel in minutes 


We’re excited to show you in this tutorial how to interconnect with AirTel in minutes,  another 0 hop direct carrier interconnection with Bharti AirTel made available to all TelecomsXChange members. You can utilize AirTel A-z routes immediately from Market View.

For Open RTP customers  , Media is handled directly between your equipment and AirTel, you might need to provide us with your media IPs to allow on AirTel Side to avoid one way audio issues.


As usual TelecomsXChange does not markup or commission on the seller rates, our model continues to be a subscription based model and you get exactly the rates offered by seller AirTel.

AirTel has its own network (routes) in below countries:

To interconnect with AirTel A-z routes, simply follow below steps:

1- Login to your TelecomsXChange Buyer Account, Don’t have an account yet ?

2- Click on Market View

3- in Seller section enter “AirTel” and click search

4- Click on the + icon to purchase route

5- You will receive tech details (IP+Prefix) to start terminating to AirTel from your allowed SIP servers.