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In the telecommunications industry, staying up-to-date with critical data like MCC-MNC lists, dial codes, and billing intervals is essential as it effects accurate billing between operators and how the end customer is charged. That’s where our latest update to, TelecomGPT, powered by ChatGPT and TelecomsXChange API comes into play, marking a significant leap in AI in telecom.

Integrating the Power of AI in Telecom:

TelecomGPT latest updates in celebration of the GPT Store launch integrates cutting-edge AI technology with TelecomsXChange (TCXC) APIs to deliver real-time, accurate telecom data using natural human language. In this update our focus on delivering an up-to-date MCC-MNC list, precise international dial codes, and detailed billing intervals sets a new standard for AI telecom use cases in the real world.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive MCC-MNC List: Access a continuously updated MCC-MNC list, crucial for mobile network identification and operational efficiency.
  • Up-to-Date Dial Codes and Billing Intervals: Stay informed with the latest E.164 international dial codes and network-specific billing intervals, vital for managing global communication costs.
  • AI-Powered Insights: TelecomGPT goes beyond data retrieval. It offers contextual insights and sophisticated data analysis, making it a powerful tool for AI in telecom.

ChatGPT for Telecom – A valuable tool:

What sets TelecomGPT apart is its interactive access to up to date realtime telecom information. TelecomGPT for telecom allows users to engage in dynamic queries, such as inquiring about specific billing intervals for countries like Indonesia, and receiving tailored cost calculations for varying call durations.

Here are 3 example prompts that you can use to benefit from the new TelecomGPT update:

1. MCC-MNC List Inquiry

• Prompt: “Can you provide the current MCC-MNC list for mobile operators in Japan?”

Expected Outcome: TelecomGPT will respond with an up-to-date list of MCC and MNC codes for mobile network operators in Japan.

2. Billing Interval and Rate Calculation • Prompt: “What is the billing interval for calls to Brazil, and how much would a 45-second call cost at a rate of $0.08 per minute?”

Expected Outcome: TelecomGPT will provide the billing interval for calls to Brazil and calculate the cost of a 45-second call based on the specified rate.

3. International Dial Codes Retrieval • Prompt: “What are the up-to-date international dial codes for South Africa?”

Expected Outcome: TelecomGPT will list the current E.164 international dial codes for South Africa.

Telecom GPT Use Cases:

This tool is invaluable for a myriad of telecom-related applications – from carriers and service providers negotiating rates, to businesses managing international calls, and compliance officers navigating global telecom regulations.

User-Friendly Experience:

TelecomGPT is designed with user accessibility in mind. It’s a tool for everyone – whether you’re an industry veteran or new to telecom, you’ll find it intuitive and resourceful.

Try the Future of Telecom Data Interactions:

Join us in embracing the future of telecom data management. Try TelecomGPT on the OpenAI GPT Store and experience the unparalleled advantage of AI in telecom.

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