How to Build VoIP Route Testing Tool ?


Daily route testing and CLI verification is a must have task today for every Carrier and VoIP Service provider, there are some great tools that exist today, they do the job well but we think not everyone can afford the high rates and licensing fees that these providers are requesting you to pay for the service.

We believe these high costs can cause operators to avoid testing routes more often as they should and this will lead to a degraded performance in VoIP networks due to this.

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Lookup VoIP Termination Rates via SMS

Learn how now you can query telecom market rates database for matching termination providers within your target price range. enough said, test it your self now.

1- SMS +1954-246-3356  with your query, e.g sms body below:

You can write something like 8801 between 0.01 and 0.05 in the SMS body.

2- Wait a few seconds to get the results, e.g results are sent back to you via SMS as well:

SMS reply with results from TelecomsXChange Market View will look something like this below:

Viber Voice Termination (SIP)

We’re very excited to where VoIP is taking us, Did you every dream of bypassing all the PSTN networks, Telco operators and initiate a call from your PBX and terminate directly across the world on someone’s phone completley by passing everyone in the middle? Yes,  it is now possible and we will show you how in this tutorial.

Viber has 950 Million registered users according to latest statistics report

How to interconnect and start terminating calls to Viber in minutes?

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Click2Call from scratch

In this tutorial , we use the original code from tcxc-php repo to build a simple page that uses bootstrap+php to build a nice and easy to use click2call form for customers on any website. once they enter their number a call is connected immediatlety between the customer on the web page and the call center number.

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