Click2Call from scratch

In this tutorial , we use the original code from tcxc-php repo to build a simple page that uses bootstrap+php to build a nice and easy to use click2call form for customers on any website. once they enter their number a call is connected immediatlety between the customer on the web page and the call center number.

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TelecomsXChange Programmable Voice API Tutorial (PHP)

In this tutorial we show you how to initiate phone calls from your PHP web application using TCXC (TelecomsXChange ) API. #Developers can build voice #communication right in their app with a few lines of code without the worry about #telecommunication infrastructure or having to deal with carriers.

In this step by step tutorial, we show you how to download code from GitHub and set up the script to initiate phone calls via your TCXC Buyer account.

How to get more VoIP Traffic ?

VoIP Traffic

To get more voice traffic on your termination route there are different combination of demand , quality and price that you need to meet, Telecom carriers route their traffic based on Cost and quality metrics such as:-

  • ASR (Answer Success Ratio)
  • ACD (Average Call Duration)
  • PDD (Post Dial Delay)

You can quickly compare your rates with current market rates using this free tool and for quality (ASR/ACD/PDD) comparison you can check that information on the Market View tool here.

For None CLI (Simbox) route an additional requirements is needed in recent years (2017, 2018) which is the carrier needs to know how long your route has been up for, if you can prove that route has been up and taking traffic for more than 3 months this gives you a great push forward and you’re more likely to get traffic even if your route is offered at a higher price, you can prove this by providing sample CDRs (Call Detailed Records) to TelecomsXChange that shows that you’ve been terminating calls on the route for a long period.


Demand on routes is very important, some destinations are over supplied with routes so you need to take that into consideration, if a country is a small island with few hundred thousands people that live in it and not much demand is out there, even if you meet all requirements you might not be able to receive any traffic, you can use Google to research on the country foreign population and get some details on the telecom market such as volumes etc..

How to create VoIP Route Testing Tool ?

Simple API to test quality, cli and other issues on Voice Carriers.

The TelecomsXChange Voice API is the easiest way to:

  • Initiate test calls on any carrier on TelecomsXChange via a simple HTTP API call
  • CLI verification right on your phone number
  • Set Custom caller IDs
  • Get charged per minute not per test

If you do not have a TCXC buyer account please click here .

Follow this sample code tutorial and fill in your details in order to start testing the script and initiate test calls to any carrier on the platform.

VoIP Termination Swap Deal Explained

What is a swap deal in Telecom or VoIP Business?

Everything you need to know.

In VoIP/Telecom Wholesale business aggregation you might hear a lot of the term swap deal when trying to buy or sell a voice termination route to one of the carriers.
Some people are confused about this term so i wanted to take the time to explain it in simple straight forward words.

So, What does it mean?

The concept is very simple, let’s say that you have 50,000 Minutes a day to Saudi Arabia or whatever destination, You are trying to sell one of the carriers a route to India, what you can do is let the representative of the carrier your trying to sell that your willing to send them 1.5 Million a month to Saudi arabia at X Price in exchange for 5 Million minutes to India Mobile at X Price.
The representative will usually that information and share it with Market Manager and once approved you get your self guaranteed traffic for the whole month.
you can simply request to renew the swap deal every month (month by month).
if you have any questions regarding swap deals or need consultancy to design your first swap deal with a carrier please contact for 1 hour of free consultancy.
Other useful resources regarding swap deals:Article about Swap Deal

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