VoIP Wholesale Market Rates & Stats API

Telecom termination market researchers need to access real-time data and historical rate changes to come up with accurate results

TelecomsXChange.com Introducing the world’s first Telecom Wholesale Market Rates & Statistics  API

This tool allows you to get all the needed details from TelecomsXChange up to date database such as:

Data you can get with Market View Lookup API:
  • Vendor name
  • Connection Name
  • Daily ASR (Answer Success Ratio)
  • Daily ACD (Average Call Duration)
  • Weekly ASR (Answer Success Ratio)
  • Weejly ACD (Average Call Duration)
  • Route Quality: CLI, NONE CLI, TDM etc…
  • Minutes (Total Billed minutes on a specific vendor/seller)
  • Price1, Price N per route/termination prefix
  • Seller Average Rating
  • Seller Reviews
  • Capacity (How many concurrent calls you can run on a specific seller/route)

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Best CPaaS Provider

The Best CPaaS Provider in 2018

In this article we’ll be focusing on who is the best CPaaS Provider out there, and Why ? Choosing the Best CPaaS provider for the future is an important decision and that’s why we decided to put together this blog post.

For newbies CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. A CPaaS is a  platform that enables web or mobile developers to add real-time communications features (voice, video, and messaging, phone numbers) in their own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces.

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VoIP Blog Rebooted

Dear VoIP Carrier Community !

We are excited to reboot TelecomsXChange blog, we focus on providing and sharing useful content and tutorials for the VoIP community, specially on VoIP Termination related topics that aims to be useful for VoIP carriers, integrators and developers.


TelecomsXChange Blog is designed in dark mode on purpose, as it is easy on the eye, specially when you like to read in bed or in dark environments.


TelecomsXChange blog is not aimed to target PBX related topics, it’s more focused on topics related to VoIP Termination, VoIP Carriers , Carrier-Grade Solutions and VoIP Trading.

If you’re interested in PBX related topic we recommend this blog by Ward Mundy that does an amazing job writing about VoIP PBX related topics.


We welcome contributions and donators from the VoIP Carrier community, contributions are accepted in several ways including Donations, Content Writing and Sharing posts on social media.

If you’d like to donate please click on the donate button below.

Thank you very much for everyone that reads & contributes.

How to start VoIP Business ?

The latest and the greatest on How to start VoIP Wholesale Business in 2017. I explain the shortcuts and the tools that you need to get started in 2017 aggregating minutes, Buying and Selling VoIP Termination minutes immediately.

1 Hour free consultancy promo available at the end of the video.

What is a VoIP Exchange

VoIP Exchange

VoIP Exchange

VoIP Exchange refers to when telephony service providers and carriers utilize a an exchange platform to Buy and Sell VoIP termination services, for example AT&T sends Telefonica voice traffic for Brazil while it receives back traffic to USA.

VoIP Exchange Platform

TelecomsXChange provides a hub for VoIP termination providers to exchange (Buy and Sell) VoIP termination services, you can join as a buyer to purchase VoIP termination or as a Seller to sell VoIP termination in less than one day.

VoIP Termination Profits Avg (2018)

According to latest stats by TelecomsXChange.com the avg profit margin for wholesale VoIP termination providers is estimated to be 3.2% .

VoIP Termination Market Rates

Please visit this link to see in realtime the Low and High sell rates world-wide, for more details you can subscribe to buyer membership to unlock more data.


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