Cloud SSD Servers

How to deploy Cloud SSD Servers In Minutes ?

A Global Cloud, For You.

Cloud SSD servers are becoming popular for developers and for production apps, we look for fast and easy way to deploy and spin new servers in the cloud, AWS is a great cloud platform. However for beginners we found it to be very confusing therefore we wanted to share with our readers an easier affordable alternative to AWS with great regional availability across the world.

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VoIP Exchange

What is VoIP Exchange?

VoIP Exchange refers to a two or more carriers exchange voice traffic over the internet, when people make phone calls around the world the phone service providers send these calls from one destination to another, the process of sending and receiving these phone calls is is referred to VoIP Exchange.

What does a real VoIP Exchange mean to TelecomsXChange ?

TelecomsXChange (TCXC) is a VoIP Exchange and  trading platform that allows VoIP buyers and sellers to interconnect and exchange traffic in minutes securely by being insured by Buyer and Seller Protection. 

  • Members should see each other and communicate directly on the platform to resolve issues quickly without Middle man interfering.
  • A real VoIP exchange should not make money on Minutes/Rates as it created an interest for buyer and seller to deal outside of the exchange to save money
  • A real VoIP exchange should only handle signaling and provide Open RTP (let the media flow between buyer and seller)
  • A real VoIP Exchange should pay the sellers immediately upon request
  • A real VoIP Exchange should not have a minimum deposit amount for buyers
  • A real VoIP exchange should be reliable and open about their network performance and historical outages
  • A real VoIP exchange should profit from membership subscriptions , value added services and sponsorships
  • A real VoIP exchange should keep historical sip logs to resolve disputes incase they are raised between buyers and sellers
  • Any Buyer or Seller can join regardless of size, region or background as long as you originate or terminate Minutes your welcome on board.

If an exchange does not provide the above we believe they are just another switch in middle trying to commission on Minutes you send to carriers, You can try a real exchange with hundreds of option and no interest in marking up carrier rates your welcome to join TelecomsXChange now.

To join TelecomsXChange please signup here

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What is Arbinet ?


Arbinet “The Exchange” was a leading provider of international voice and IP solutions to carriers and service providers globally. With more than 1,100 carriers across the world utilizing the Arbinet network, Arbinet combined global scale with sophisticated platform intelligence, call routing and industry leading credit management and settlement capabilities.

Customers and suppliers include many leading fixed line, mobile, wholesale and VoIP carriers, as well as calling card, ISPs and content providers around the world who buy and sell voice and IP telecommunications capacity and content.

Arbinet Stock Symbol 


Arbinet Acquisition

MCLEAN, VA–(Marketwire – March 1, 2011) – Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated (PTGi) (OTCBB: PMUG), a global facilities-based integrated provider of advanced telecommunications products and services, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Arbinet Corporation (NASDAQ: ARBX), a leading provider of wholesale telecom exchange services to carriers in an all-stock transaction. Pursuant to the definitive merger agreement dated November 10, 2010, which was further amended on December 14, 2010, it is anticipated that Arbinet stockholders will receive approximately 0.5817 shares of Primus common stock for each share of Arbinet common stock that they hold. Arbinet stockholders (by virtue of holding Arbinet common stock immediately prior to the effective time of the merger) now own approximately 25% of the outstanding shares of Primus common stock. The number of Primus shares outstanding, on a pro forma basis for the completion of the transaction, is 13,108,380.


VoIP Termination

What is VoIP Termination ?

VoIP  call termination refers to completing a phone call from one telephone service provider to another, for example when you call from USA to Mexico the phone company in Mexico is Terminating the call that was sent to them from USA Providers like T-Mobile, Verizon etc..

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VoIP Wholesale Market Rates & Stats API

Telecom termination market researchers need to access real-time data and historical rate changes to come up with accurate results Introducing the world’s first Telecom Wholesale Market Rates & Statistics  API

This tool allows you to get all the needed details from TelecomsXChange up to date database such as:

Data you can get with Market View Lookup API:
  • Vendor name
  • Connection Name
  • Daily ASR (Answer Success Ratio)
  • Daily ACD (Average Call Duration)
  • Weekly ASR (Answer Success Ratio)
  • Weejly ACD (Average Call Duration)
  • Route Quality: CLI, NONE CLI, TDM etc…
  • Minutes (Total Billed minutes on a specific vendor/seller)
  • Price1, Price N per route/termination prefix
  • Seller Average Rating
  • Seller Reviews
  • Capacity (How many concurrent calls you can run on a specific seller/route)

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