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SIP DNS SRV RECORDS – Now Supported!


What are SIP DNS SRV records?

The SRV RR allows administrators to use several servers for a single domain, to move services from host to host with little fuss, and to designate some hosts as primary servers for a service and others as backups

This great blog post by Andres Brownworth walks you thru the details of using SIP DNS SRV records and why its used.

How to configure SIP DNS SRV records in TelecomsXChange

TelecomsXChange is now fully compatible to route calls to other highly available cloud communications platforms over DNS SRV Records, setting it up is very simple. here is an example of how to setup outbound calls to a SIP DNS SRV record on Restcomm Cloud platform.

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How to interconnect Kamalio/OpenSIPS to hundreds of carriers in Minutes !

Building a VoIP networks with kamalio/OpenSIPS is pretty cool, the boring stuff comes later when your working towards connecting it with carriers to terminate Voice calls to the PSTN. You got to reach out to the carriers, explain to them your use case answer traffic projections question , contracts , payment terms … (YUCK!). Then repeat with every carrier.

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Lookup VoIP Termination Rates via SMS

Learn how now you can query telecom market rates database for matching termination providers within your target price range. enough said, test it your self now.

1- SMS +1954-246-3356  with your query, e.g sms body below:

You can write something like 8801 between 0.01 and 0.05 in the SMS body.

2- Wait a few seconds to get the results, e.g results are sent back to you via SMS as well:

SMS reply with results from TelecomsXChange Market View will look something like this below:

TelecomsXChange Podcast with Don Witt

Podcast Author

February 14, 2018 // Channel Daily NewsDon WittPodcastsPress ReleasesSR 2-18 podcast

Listen to Podcast Now

Ameed Jamous, CTO or TelecomsXchange, speaks with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News about the wholesale of minutes to and from carriers, how it is done, why companies failed and why TelecomsXchange is positioned extremely well to succeed.

The primary difference of TelecomsXchange is the billing process. Rather than being a percentage of the sale which is added onto the billed minutes, the Xchange as a Service (XaaS) approach has been taken. Rather than per minute fees, you are billed a monthly fee which is a small fraction of the previous fee structure. There are many advantages for both the small and large carriers.

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Get Free US DID Numbers

Thanks to our sponsor BluBird communications for providing our readers with this exclusive deal.

We are giving away a few thousands of USA DID numbers for calling cards providers, Pbx admins, call centers, Radio Stations and chat lines.

The DID number will come with unlimited inbound channels, so you can have 1 New York number and receive calls on same number from hundreds of callers at the same time.

Let’s cut right to it, click on below link to request your Free USA DID Numbers with unlimited channels.

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