IoT from Idea to Sales (Sprint IoT Factory + Restcomm + TelecomsXChange)

Build IoT devices that communicate on every channel and sell them easily.

One of the most interesting subjects we came across during International Telecoms Week (ITW) in Chicago, IL on May 2018 was the Sprint’s IoT Factory.

Special thanks to Mr. Parvin Mahajan CCO (Internet of Things) at Sprint for taking the time to educate us on the platform that they have built to make it easy for entrepreneurs to sell their creations to business customers via Sprint.

Sprint’s IoT Factory platform allows you to get everything you need to easily design, prototype, build and commercialize your IoT devices, from choosing compatible hardware  to selling to customers all in one platform.

Sprint IoT Factory choosing Hardware.






To bring your own hardware you need to use Cayenne MQTT API for that.

The Cayenne MQTT API is used to connect any device that you have with the Cayenne Cloud. After connecting your device you can send data from your device to the Cayenne dashboard and display it using widgets. You may also receive commands from Cayenne, allowing remote control and automation of your devices. also allows you to bring your own IoT hardware on board

Connecting your Hardware & Software to Sprint






Sprint IoT Factory makes it very  user-friendly to install the appropriate softwares needed to be compatible with Sprint’s IoT Factory.


Restcomm Programmable APIs for Video, Voice, Messaging

The Restcomm REST API allows you to query meta-data about your account, phone numbers, calls, text messages, and recordings. You can also do some communications control like initiate outbound calls and send text messages.

Restcomm comes with three powerful WebRTC SDKs that allow you to embed Communications as a feature in your Web, iOS and Android Native Applications. Moreover, there’s Olympus, a full fledged Client that take advantage of the respective Restcomm SDKs and provides webrtc video/audio calling and messaging capabilities on each of Web, iOS and Android platforms out of the box.

Restcomm IoT diagram

Restcomm IoT diagram






TelecomsXChange (Outbound Connectivity to 300+ Carriers)

We have already created several blogs on how to connect your Restcomm Cloud account with TelecomsXChange for outbound carrier connectivity and how Voice is more cost effective, reliable and gives a better overall customer experience for IoT device consumers.

Once you have connected Restcomm API with TelecomsXChange you can simply start initiating outbound voice calls to any country in the world at wholesale prices without ever having to negotiate or deal with carriers, it takes few clicks to connect and start utilizing any carrier for outbound calls.


Using Sprint’s IoT Factory to built sprint compatible IoT connected devices and Restcomm Cloud and APIs to allow your IoT devices to support Voice, Video, Messaging and TelecomsXChange to finally reach over 5 Billion mobile users world wide will give your IoT device a boost and empower it with the best features that no businesses or consumers can say no to.

We hope you found this blog post useful and if you have any questions or face any bumps, please do not hesitate to reach out for help.




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