JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (“Telin”), a subsidiary of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (“Telkom”) (NYSE: TLK) launched a connectivity marketplace for Wholesale Voice, SMS and Virtual Numbers trading called NeuTrafiX.

NeuTrafiX is the only public exchange in the world that transparently connects Buyers and Sellers using a simple Pay As You Go (PAYG) model. This innovative community-based marketplace was developed by Telin to revolutionize the present state of the connectivity business, in response to the challenges that both Wholesale/Carrier and Enterprises face in the form of declining legacy business margins, a lack of data and information, and manual wholesale operations & processes.

“Looking at the current trend, we believe these duplicate interconnects should be shared and streamlined for the benefits of the industry. We are a firm believer that “as a Service” should extend beyond connectivity to auxiliary services including testing tools, fraud management tools, traffic financing and so forth to avoid heavy capital expenditures which I described above as a burden to most carriers and operators. We believe in a universal collaborative platform where the industry can operate by taking advantage of the economies of scale on the connectivity marketplace” said EVP Voice and Mobility Sales Telin, Nicholas Soo. “A single agreement with NeuTrafiX is all a Buyer needs to start trading with Sellers globally and vice versa.”

With NeuTrafiX, users have access to a prepaid solution that enables them to establish direct deals, improve their margins, increase their customer satisfaction, speed up go-to-market with API access, elimination of human error and fraud protection—all on one platform.

The marketplace is up and running since the release of this announcement. Interested Buyers and Sellers can simply sign on at www.neutrafix.net to start. For more detailed information, Buyers and Sellers can also contact Telin at marketing@telin.net to learn more.

About Telin

Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) is a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom), a state-owned telecommunication and network service provider. Telin focuses on international telecommunication business to manage and develop its business lines abroad. With its vision of To become “Global Digital Hub,” Telin owns subsidiaries in Singapore, Hong Kong, Timor Leste via its Telkomcel brand, Australia, Malaysia, USA, Taiwan, and a branch in Myanmar. The company owns 59 Points of Presence (PoP) located globally. Through Telkom Group strategy together with reliable networks and infrastructures, Telin is able to provide high-quality services that reach all parts of the world in order to Enable Your Global Digital Business and Solution. Learn more about us in www.telin.net.