What is an SMS Marketplace?

An SMS marketplace allows short message service providers to publish their messaging and phone numbers service so enterprises and communication service providers can discover them easily. The marketplace also allows providers to monetize their messaging-enabled numbers, usually by creating an entry in the marketplace with a monthly subscription plan (or a variety of different subscription plans for different phone numbers). There is another big benefit for providers who list their routes on a marketplace.

For Developers

The developer side of a messaging marketplace allows developers to programmatically find and connect to providers directly. Ideally, developers can look through filters for quality class, delivery speed, prices, supported Sender ID types via search to find the Operator, price, and quality they are looking for. The filter can be particularly helpful if developers are looking for specific functionality from a provider before they initiate an interconnect.

The SMS marketplace also makes it easy to compare different SMS Providers. It should list pricing information, reviews, and other information that could help developers make a decision about what the provider is best for their needs.

Seller (Provider) Portal

The marketplace allows SMS providers to publish their routes so OTTs and Communication providers can discover them. The marketplace also allows providers to monetize their messaging-enabled phone numbers, usually by creating a subscription plan (or a variety of different subscription plans) for their numbers.

There is another big benefit for providers who list their routes and numbers on a marketplace. It makes it possible to publish messaging services without building payment systems, user management processes, and other complicated infrastructure. This can save money and time, especially for smaller providers who may not have the resources to do this on their own.

SMS Marketplace Example

The TelecomsXChange (TCXC) Marketplace is an example of a voice, SMS, virtual numbers marketplace. It features functionality for both buyers and sellers.

SMS marketplace benefits

NeuTrafiX is another example of a voice, SMS, and Virtual Numbers marketplace in the telecom industry.