Group Video . Audio . Chat App (TLS Encryption)

Enterprises are struggling with their employees using OTT apps to communicate with each other as they lose sight of what’s going on in the organizations, at the same time employees find it faster and more convenient to use these apps to deliver the message fast and quick to the other person or even get a higher quality voice and video calling experience, We’re here to fill this gap by providing service providers and enterprises the starting point for an OTT app that covers all the features which employees expect when communicating while the enterprise keeps all communications secured and private for their organizations.

We thought to give the source code as an option for OTT Enablement seekers (enterprises and service providers) that do not want to start from scratch.

The OTT App has the features you’d expect from the apps you use today to communicate (Chat, Sharing a photo, Audio Note, Location sharing..), i also took it a bit further and built 10 way audio conference (Full Band Audio Quality) and 4 ways HD Conference. All communication is encrypted with TLS and media is sent directly between users which brings better quality and better privacy.

This is the first release and i plan to add more to it in the upcoming months, if you’re a fan of luxurious dark mode design and better privacy for communication please give it a shot and let me know your feedback i welcome new ideas and feature requests.

Top Features:

  • Up to 10 way HD Audio Conference
  • Up to 4 way HD Video conference
  • TLS Encryption
  • SRTP (Secured RTP)
  • Audio Quality (Narrow band –> Full Band)
  • Audio message replay before sending
  • Group Text Chat
  • Photo Sharing
  • Location sharing
  • Stunning dark mode design
  • Low battery consumption on OLED screens
  • Android and IOS (Ready for production)
  • Availability (World Wide)
  • Twilio API Compliant

For pricing and full app review please email us.